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The effective throat of a complete penetration groove weld shall be
The thickness of the thinner part joined
When welding lengthwise connecting two round bars, the proper symbol would be
Flare V Groove weld
Fillet welds may be used to connect skewed T joints provided the plates are set at an angle of not less than
The minimum thickness for a plug weld in material 1" thick shall be
Welding shall not be done when:
When ambient temperature is lower than 0°F or
Surfaces are wet or exposed to rain, snow, or
high wind or When welders are exposed to in-
clement conditions.
Approved filler metal requirements for submerged arc welding are found in:
AWSA5.17 & A5.23
When welding 5/16" plate in the field, a welder must be certified for
Re-entrant copes shall have a minimum radius of:
Where tight fit of intermediate stiffeners is specified, it shall be defined as allowing a gap of up to
Spatter is caused by
Welding current too high or arc length too long
In order to insure sound welds at the ends of a joint. The following shall be used
Extension bars & runoff plates
In repairing cracks in a weld, remove the crack and sound weld metal how far beyond each end of the crack
The removal of slag from a deposited weld bead is:
What electrodes have low hydrogen coating?
Electrodes ending 5, 6, or 8.
With which process would an ER70S-X electrode be used
Oven storage of low hydrogen electrodes is:
To avoid damage by atmospheric moisture
Welded joints not pre-qualified shall be:
Welder certification may be waived by
No one
Peening is not permitted on
Root and surface layers of welds
The suggested minimum nominal thickness of backing bars for SMAW process is
Pre-heat and interpass temperatures must be sufficient to
Prevent crack formation
Low hydrogen electrodes exposed to the atmosphere for longer periods then that permitted by codes shall be £
redried no more than
One time
The minimum effective length of a fillet weld shall be:
Overall length of full size fillet including boxing
Caulking of welds; What is it and is it permitted
Caulking of welds is to plastically deform weld or base metal surfaces to seal or obscure discontinuities as undercut, piping porosity, pin holes,
cracks, etc. Caulking is not permitted on most
In gas metal arc welding the electrode is:
The effective area of a fillet weld is:
The effective weld length X the effective throat.
The minimum length of an intermittent fillet weld shall be:
1 1/2"
The 'U' in joint designation TC-U9a refers to:
Metal thickness, U = Unlimited
Arc strikes outside the area of permanent welds should be:
Base metal specification may be found in:
Information regarding back gouging of roots in a single bevel groove weld without backing is found in footnote
Note 4
What is the required root opening for the SMA welded CJP single-U-groove weld:
0 to 1/8"
When spacers are used in the double-bevel groove weld, the weld is not to be complete until:
Spacer removed by gouging to sound metal be-fore welding second side.
The size of the spacer for double-V groove weld using a 30° bevel and welded in the overhead position shall be:
1/8" X 3/8"
What is the required root opening for a single-V-groove weld to a back-up strip welded in the vertical position
at 20° angle:
A single J-groove weld preparation in the horizontal position shall be made with SMAW & groove angle of:
What is the root opening for a partial joint penetration square groove weld butt joint of material 1/4" thick:
A break in the arrow shaft in the symbol in the single bevel groove weld indicates:
Which plate to chamfer
What is the maximum base metal thickness in a single bevel groove weld:
U = Unlimited
What is the included angle of preparation for the double-V-groove weld. Using a spacer and a 1/2" root
In an E70 1 8 electrode, what does the E designate
Before welding a joint, the surfaces to be welded shall be free of what?
Scale, slag, rust, moisture, grease, etc.
If a welder is qualified by testing in 3/8 inch thick tubular structural steel in the 6-GR position CJP using a
E701 8 electrode, is the welder qualified to weld a PJP on 1 inch thick Structural Steel plate in the vertical down
It is usually good practice to oscillate which of the mild steel SMAW electrodes
E6010 & E6011
The E7024 electrode may be used in what positions?
Flat and horizontal
Which of the SMAW electrodes has an iron powder covering?
Electrodes with last digit "4"
Which of the SMAW electrodes has an iron powder and low-hydrogen covering?
Electrodes with last digit "8"
Which welding process would an E7018 electrode be used with?
Which welding process would an E70T-X electrode be used with?
Single bevel groove, with 45° angle and backing, the root opening must be what?
The maximum size of a fillet weld in the flat position, and in one pass shall be how much?
Continuous solid wire electrode ( E70S-X ) used in semi-automatic welding would be used in which process?
Members distorted by welding may be straightened by application of limited amounts of localized heat. The
temperature of heated areas as measured by approved methods shall not exceed how much for Quenched and
tempered ( Q. & T.) steel nor how much for other steels.?
Q&T1100°F, Other 1200°F
What is the minimum thickness of material to be used for weld washers?
When parts are to be fillet welded, in a lap joint of material under 3" thick the allowable separation of faying
surfaces shall not exceed how much?
3/16" Max.
The maximum size electrode allowed for the root pass of an overhead fillet weld is what diameter?
What is the maximum permitted carbon equivalent for reinforcing steel that may be welded without prior qualification
0.65 %
The first 7 in the E71T-7 designates what?
The tensile strength in 10,000's of psi
The last digit "7" in E7027 designates what?
Type of flux coating on electrode - Iron powder /
Iron oxide; & type of current used - AC or
When welding a flat fillet root pass, the largest allowable electrode is what diameter?
The "S" in E70S-3 designates what?
GMAW - Solid wire electrode
The digit "1" in E7018 indicates that welding is to be in what positions?
All positions
Which of the SMAW electrodes has an iron powder and iron oxide covering?
SMAW mild steel electrodes where last digit is
"7", ie. E6027
The E6011 electrode will give more penetration than all other SMAW electrodes except what?
The "60" in E6011 indicates what
60,000 psi Tensile strength
The effective throat thickness of a fillet weld is computed by measuring the shortest distance between what two
The root to the face
Low hydrogen shielded metal arc electrodes shall be protected from moisture. The E70XX low hydrogen electrodes
shall be returned to an oven within what period of time?
4 hours
In butt weld root pass in the horizontal position, the thickness of weld metal that may be built up behind the ad-
vancing arc shall be how large?
Between "Structural Welding Code - Steel" Dl.l and "Structural Welding Code - Sheet Steel" D1.3, there is M
a metal thickness overlap of the minimum for Dl.l and the maximum for D1.3. How much overlap of metal
thickness is there?
0.055 = approx. 1/16 inch.
Even if prior qualification is made, what is the maximum permitted carbon equivalent for reinforcing steel that
is to be welded?
In which positions is 1/2" the maximum size allowed for a fillet weld made in one pass?
Using DC straight polarity, the electrode is which; . . . . positive, negative or neutral
The minimum preheat and interpass temperature for ASTM A572 grade 60 structural steel 2" thick welded with ™
SMAW process is how much?
The minimum preheat and interpass temperature for structural steel 1/2" welded with the SMAW process and
an electrode other than Low Hydrogen is how much?
The largest electrode permitted when welding in the flat position is what diameter
E7018 electrodes are used with what type of welding current
Should back-up strips or bars be removed from all welds? Explain
No; Not mandatory but permissible
Shielded metal arc electrodes with low hydrogen covering shall be kept dry in storage ovens. Low hydrogen
electrodes of the E80XX series when taken from the oven shall be used within what period of time?
2 hours
Except for root pass, the largest electrode permitted for out of position welding is what diameter
Reverse polarity means that the electrode is which; .. . positive, negative or netural ?
What does "CJP" in the tail specifications part of a weld symbol mean?
Complete Joint Penetration
What kind of metal is classified as 6061-T6?
Safety precautions shall conform to the latest edition of what specification published by the American Welding
If the tensile strength of a single pass weld made with an E6010 electrode is 60,000 p.s.i. what would the tensile
strength of a six pass weld be?
60,000 psi
The amount of lap required for a fillet welded lap joint shall be at least five times the thickness of the thinner
plate not less than how much?
1 inch
Backing strips are used to prevent melting through roots of grooves welds by using what for backing material?
Metal, weld metal, carbon,flux, gas, glass tape, etc.
The minimum angle of the plates in a skewed T joint, to be welded with fillet weld, shall not be less than how
many degrees to be considered as effective in transmitting applied force?
The minimum thickness of a plug or slot weld in 3/8" plate is how much?
The largest size of crater permitted and left at the end of a weld is how much?
No crater of any size is allowed
A fillet weld when measured for size shall be measured how?
Leg length of the largest inscribed isosceles rt.