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To what department is the line division assigned?
Maintenance department.
What branch is responsible for the support
equipment used by the squadron?
The Support Equipment Branch.
In most squadrons, 75 to 95% of the personnel
assigned to the line division are assigned to what
The Plane Captain Branch.
After demonstrating your abilities as a plane
captain, who has the final authority to designate
you a plane captain?
The commanding officer.
Smoking and naked lights are not permitted
within how many feet of a fueling operation?
100 feet.
What type tools must be used when work is being
performed on a system or unit that is designed
for storing or handling combustible liquids.
Nonsparking tools.
What are the four NO STEP areas on the
Aft center body, upper speed brake, directly aft of overwing fairings and
directly behind the canopy.
Why is wind direction an important
consideration in fueling operations.
The wind may carry fuel vapors toward a source of ignition.
Refueling crews consist of a minimum of how
many people?
Before beginning refueling operations, what is
the first thing the refueling crew should do?
Identify the aviation fuel.
What is the advantage of pressure fueling over
gravity fueling?
Pressure fueling gives aircraft a faster turnaround time.
What manuals provide detailed fueling
information for a specific aircraft?
The appropriate aircrafr Maintenance Instruction Manuals (MIMs) and the
Aircraft Refueling NATOPS Manual, NAVAIR 00-80T-109.
Define viscosity.
The internal fluid resistance to flow caused by molecular attraction.
What scale is used by both the Navy and the Air
Force to determine oil viscosity?
The Saybolt scale.
What is the military specification number for the
hydraulic fluid presently used in the hydraulic
systems of all naval aircraft?
What should be done with the fluid remaining in
the can after filling a servicing unit?
It should be properly disposed of immediately.
The air pressure in aircraft tires must be checked
how often?
Why is it important for the operator of the remote
inflator unit to stand directly fore or aft of the tire
being inflated?
This prevents the operator from being struck by debris if the tire were to fail.
Why must a tire be deflated prior to removing a
wheel assembly from an aircraft?
The wheel halves may separate when the axle nut is removed.
Liquid oxygen converters are refilled by
personnel from what rating?
AME rating.
The high-pressure air valve, shown in figure 5-8.
is used on most naval aircraft for what purpose?
It is used to service struts, accumulators, air storage bottles, and other
components serviced with high-pressure air.
What purpose does the purifier serve on the
nitrogen servicing trailer?
It removes moisture that may have adhered to the valves or that was
accidentally introduced into the system.
What is the holding capacity of the fluid servicing
unit (HSU-1)?
3 gallons. 2 gallons in the unit reservoir and 1 gallon in the can.
According to many insurance companies, what
is considered the most dangerous environment in
the world?
The flight deck.
When you work around aircraft with propellers,
when is it safe to walk through or stand in the
prop arc?
Only when actually performing maintenance on the propeller.
Does a protective screen over the inlet of an
operating aircraft engine eliminate the
possibility of serious injury?
No! Serious injury can still result by being pulled against the protective
What are the two major hazards of jet engine
High temperature and high velocity of exhaust gases.
Any exposure, without ear protection, can cause
hearing damage above what decibel (dB) level?
140 decibels (dB).
What system or mechanism should you always
treat with the same respect as a loaded gun?
Ejection seats.
In relation to overheated wheel brakes, what
area is considered the “danger area”?
The area on both sides of the tire and wheel, in line with the axle.
What item, if used to cool overheated brakes, is
likely to cause an explosion?
Why is it important to keep tools, work areas, and
clothing free from grease and oil when working
around LOX?
LOX can explode when it comes in contact with oil or grease.
What are the primary differences between flight
line and flight deck operations?
Limited Space and Tempo of operations
What builds a successful FOD program?
Command support, personnel knowledge and awareness, and its integration
into the total maintenance effort.
What officer coordinates the Tool Control
The Material control officer.
What is the most significant benefit to the Tool
Control Program?
Saving lives and equipment by eliminating tool FOD-related accidents.
What is the prime objective of the hydraulic
contamination control program?
To maintain a satisfactory level of fluid purity in hydraulic systems to provide
safe and efficient operation of naval aircraft and SE.
What publication contains detailed information
on the Aircraft Fuel Surveillance Program?
The Aircraft Refueling NATOPS Manual, NAVAIR 00-80T-109.
Any personnel removed from aircraft
maintenance responsibilities for more than how
many days must receive a egress system checkout
prior to performing aircraft maintenance?
90 days.
What manual outlines the hearing conservation
Navy Occupational Saftey and Health Program Manual, OPNAVINST
What person manages the Support Equipment
Training and Licensing Program?
The assistant aircraft maintenance officer (AAMO).
Who initiates a Support Equipment
Misuse/Abuse form?
Anyone witnessing the misuse or abuse.
What type inspection is performed at the time a
reporting custodian accepts a newly assigned
Acceptance inspection.
What type inspection is performed to check
equipment that requires a daily verification of
satisfactory functioning.
Daily inspection.
What type inspection is required as the result of
a specific overlimit condition?
Conditional inspection.
A preflight inspection is valid for a period of how
many hours?
24 hours, provided no flight and no maintenance have occurred during this
What type inspection consists of checking the
aircraft for fright readiness by performing visual
examinations and operational tests to discover
defects and maladjustments that, if not corrected,
would cause accidents or aborted missions?
Preflight inspection.
What type inspections are normally performed in
conjunction with other scheduled maintenance
tasks by the rating assigned?
Zonal inspections.