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Amicus curiae
Latin for "friend of the court."
One who appeals the decision of a lower court to a higher court for review.
The other party in a litigation against whom an appeal is taken (also called the "respondent"
to comfirm, ratify, or approve a judgement of a lower court
delivery of property by one (the bailor) to another (the bailee) in trust (or contract), and once the contract is fulfilled the property will be returned.
Caveat emptor
latin meaning, "let the buyer beware." check the good before purchasing
act of judicially converting private property to public use under eminent domame
Inverse condemnation
public entity takes or damags property without going though the legal procedureof condemnation
adverse possession
method of (private) acquisiton of title to real property by possesson for a statutory period under certain conditions
legally enforceable agreement upon sufficient consideration.
Essential elements
1)competant parties
2)the subject or object
3) legal consideration
4) mutuality of agreement or assent
5) mutuality of obligation (i.e., both parties are bound by the terms