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List some specific characteristics of avian bones

- + Ca/Phosphate than in mammals,

- Pnematization of bones by their air sacs,

- Small skull & Large Orbits,

- Open Pelvis

- Lack of Cartilage structures

Modifications to the Avian Cranium

- Single Occipital Condyle

- Septum Interorbitale

- Lack of Interparietal Bone

- Os Prefrontale btwn Nasal/Frontal Bone

-Os Oticum

Name the process on the 2nd - 5th ribs in Latin

Processus Uncinatus

Number of Vertebrae Cervicales in;

A) Chickens/Turkeys

B) Duck

C) Goose

D) Pigeon

A) 13-14

B) 16

C) 17-18

D) 12-13

Number of Vertebrae Thoracicae in;

A) Chick/Turkey/Pigeon

B) Duck/Goose

A) 7

B) 9

Name the bone, in latin, formed by the fusion of the thoracic vertebrae

Os Notarium

Which two pairs ribs are the 'floating ribs'?

First two

Name the two surfaces, in latin, of the Corpus Sterni

Facies Visceralis

Facies Muscularis

What bones form the Synsacrum

-1-2 last Thoracic Vertebrae

-Lumbar Vertebrae

-Sacral Vertebrae

-1st Caudal Vertebrae

List the three main parts of the Pygostyle

Basis Pygostyli

Lamina Pygostyli

Apex Pygostyli

Name the opening in Os Pneumaticum

Foramen Pneumaticum (at proximal end)

Which is stronger, the Ulna or Radius?


Name the three Cingulum Membri Thoracici & mark the biggest




List the Ossa Manus

Ossa Carpi,

Metacarpi et

Digitorum reduced et remnant

Example of an Ansiodactyl








What two bones form Os Innominatum

Os Coxae +

Os Lumbosacrale

Name the process on the Tarsometatarsus in the cock

Processus Calcaris

Two functions of Mm. Subcutanei

1) Move Feathers

2) Tense Patagium

What is Patagium?

A fold of integument between the thoracic limb and trunk

List the Mm. Capitis

Mm. Mandibulae

Mm. of Apparatus Hyobrachialis

Mm. Trunci

Mm. Costopulmonales

Function of Mm. Membri Thoracici

Muscles for flight

Mm. Membri Thoracici

M. Pectoralis

M. Supracoracoideus

What avian species is Vesica Fellea absent in?

Pigeon & Budgie

Where does the Pancreas lie in avians?

Between the limbs of the duodenum

Name the three segements of the Cloaca




Name the two main sections of the Gaster



Glands of the Proventriculus

Gll. Proventriculares

Glands of the Ventriculus? What do they produce?

Gll. Ventriculares

Cuticula Gastrica

Longest section of the Intestinum Tenue


Name the 3 openings, in latin, in the Urodeum section of the Cloaca

Ostium Cloacale Ureteris

Ostium Cloacale Ductus Deferentis

Ostium Cloacale Oviductus Sinistri

What connects cavum nasi & cavum orale?


Name the Caudal Larynx - the organ of voice


Where is the Syrinx located?

Tracheal Bifurcation where R & L main bronchi arise

Name the sinus in Cavum Nasi which can be compared to Sinus Maxillaris im domestic mammals?

Sinus Infraorbitalis

Name the enlargement of the trachea


The cartilage in the Syrinx

Cartilago Trachealis

Cartilagines Syryngis

Cartilage in the Cranial Larynx

Cartilagines Arytaenoidea (2)

Cartilago Cricoidea (1)

Where is the Glottis located?

Cavum Laryngis

Muscles of the Syrinx in Latin

Musculi Syringeales

Name the Vein in the wing for injections

Vena Basilica

Name in latin the superior part of the beak


Name in latin the inferior part of the beak


Name, in latin, areas where the skin is covered in feathers


Name, in latin, for 'naked skin' areas


Latin name for feathers


Name the main shaft of the feather


Name the hallow shaft of the feather that attaches it to the bird's skin

Calamus (quill)

Name the central shaft of the feather to which the veins are attached


What is the vane of the feather

Flattened part, attached on either side of the rachis

What are the barbs of a feather

The numerous branches off the rachis that form the vanes

Name the tiny extensions from barbs that are held together by barbicels


List the 3 divisions of Pennae Conturae




List the 2 subdivisions of Remiges



What are Primarii Remiges

Long feathers located at the tip of the wing

What are Secondarii Remiges

Shorter feathers

Located along the trailing edge of the inner wing

Rectrices? What are they attached to?

Tail feathers

The bird's pygostyle

Describe Pennae Tectoriae. What is their functions?

Feathers that line the bird's body.

Provide; Streamlining,

Insulation &


Name the crest on the cockerel's head?

Crista Galli

Explain what down feathers are

Fluffy feathers located under the contour feathers that serve as insulation

Where are the Ren located in Avians?

Under Os Lumbosacrale

What two celoma does septum horizontale seperate?

Cavitas Pleuralis

Cavum Subpulmonale

List all the celomas (body cavities)

Cavitas Pleuralis

Cavum Subpulmonale

-Cavitas Peritonealis Hepatica Ventralis

-C. Peritonealis Hepatica Dorsalis

-C. Peritonealis Intestinalis

List the components of the Syrinx


Pessulus;Membranae Tympaniformes,

Bronchus Primarius;Pars Extrapulmonalis,

Mm. Syringeales

C. Trachealis

Cc. Syringis

What are the Lungs penetrated by?

Bronchus Primarius; Pars Intrapulmonalis

List the 9 Sacci Pneumatici

Sacci Cervicales x2

Saccus Clavicularis x1

Sacci Thoracici Craniales x2

Sacci Thoracici Caudales x2

Sacci Abdominales x2

Name the Diverticula of Sacci Cervicales

Diverticula Intermuscularia

Diverticula Subcutanea

Name the Diverticula of Saccus Clavicularis


Name the Diverticula of Sacci Abdominales

Os Innominatum

Os Femoris

Name the biggest prolongation of Bronchus Primarius

Sacci Abdominales

Name, in latin, the two parts of the avian ureter

Pars Renalis

Pars Pelvica (urodeum)

Organa Genitalia Masculina; where is Appatatus Copulationis located?


Name the tricuspid valve of the heart

Valva Atrioventricularis Sinistra

Does Valva Atrioventricularis Dextra have any cusps?

No, only Muscular Lamellae

Give the latin name for the part of Oviductus Sinister which produces a) albumen? b) membranae testae?

A) Magnum

B) Isthmus

Name the gland in the skin of the chicken which produces a bacteriostatic layer on its surface.

Gl. Uropygialis

Name the extension of the esophagus in front of apertura thoracic cranialis

Crop - Ingluvies

Name the bones forming the avian mandible?

Os Dentale

Os Articulare

Which bones correspond to the avian malleous and incus?

Malleous - Os Articulare

Incus - Os Quadratum