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What is a region defined as?

A physical location/geographic area

What are Availability Zones?

One of many locations inside a region, that houses a data centre

Which technology do regions and availability zones apply to?


Which resources are segregated into regions and availability zones?

EC2 instances, and data

What is meant by a resource being global?

It's an EC2 resource, that's tied to a region

What's the counterpart to this?

When an EC2 resource is tied to an availability zone instead

Regions are completely isolated for fault tolerance - what is a side effect of this when working with EC2 resources?

By default, you'll only see data for the region you are currently operating as.

How do I set up my EC2 instances with Elastic IP for a graceful failover?

By placing EC2 instances in multiple availability zones - when there's a failure, we point the struggling instance to a different IP address but the hostname remains the same.

In which format are availability zones represented? Use Sydney and an availability zone of 'b'.

Region, then a letter, e.g. for Australia (Sydney) we'd use ap-southeast-2b as the availability zone 'b' with for the region ap-southeast-2

What is the important distinction between what you control and AWS controls in terms of availability zones?

You specify a logical availability zone, but AWS specify the physical one - therefore different accounts may map to different physical availability zones.

What is the AZ-ID, and what is it used for?

It's a canonical representation of a real availability zone.

What is the format of the AZ-ID? Use an example of availability zone 2 in (Australia/Sydney

The region squashed down to just first letters/numbers, then az, then a number for the availability zone

e.g apse-2-az2 would be Asia Pacific SouthEast-2 (Australia/Sydney) and availability zone 2

When I deal with EC2 instances, I need to provide which parameter?

The region endpoint

How do I find the regions available to my accounts EC2 instances using the CLI?

aws ec2 describe-regions

How do I find the availability zone available to my accounts EC2 instances using the CLI?

By specifying the region and using aws ec2 describe-availability-zones --region region-name