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Type of HA best for Children

Behind the Ear

component on HA used for looping


ALD that isn't affected by radio transmissions


3 benefits of looping

-Cost effective for the facility and HA users

-Reduces ambient noise

-helps reduce reverberation

Who plays a role in the AR process?



-Social worker




Comorbidity occurs in children ____ to ____ percent of the time with HL

30 to 50 percent of the time

What's the difference between auditory oral communication and auditory verbal communication?

Auditory oral = both auditory skills and visual cues

Auditory verbal = relying solely on auditory skills

Communication mode with 8 hand shapes in 4 positions on the face

Cued speech

Development level that children begin to spontaneously alert to meaningful auditory signals and selectively attend to the information

Auditory awareness

Auditory skill development sequence

-Auditory Awareness

-listening from a distance





What type of HL is most commonly identified in children during school screenings? Why is this type of loss so common in this age range of children?

Conductive losses because the anatomy of the Eustachian tubes. They are not fully developed and are still in a position that allows for a lot of fluid to be sucked up into the middle ear

Risks factors for HL in children

-Family history

-Low birth weight


-High fever

-genetic syndrome

-infections in utero

-anomalies to the head or face

-ototoxic medication used on mom or baby


Individuals with Disabilities Education Act


Free and Appropriate Education

Define Appropriate in FAE

No definition. Appropriate needs to be defined according to the needs of each individual child so appropriate was purposely undefined.

Benefits of binaural HA

-Better sound localization

-reduces background noise

-ears stay balanced

-both auditory nerves will be equally stimulated making in more likely for a possible CI candidacy in the future if needed


The medical term for age induced hearing loss

3 physical problems that impact an older person AR process

-loss of dexterity


-loss of vision

Symptoms of dementia

-gradual memory loss


-changes in personality

-decline with completion ADLs

-loss of language skills


-Hearing Expectations

-Instrument operation

-Occlusion affect



-Acoustic feedback

-Systems troubleshooting

-Insertion and removal

-Cleaning and maintenance


Cochlear Implants convert __________ signal into __________ pattern

-acoustic signal

-electrical pattern

Places where group of personal listening devices are used




-large conference halls


Frequency Modulation


Listening and Communication Enhancement

Audiologists role in the IEP process

-(C)APD testing

-test hearing and provide diagnosis

-consolation to parents and professionals

-Assess classroom environment


-Speech Perception Training

Adults with HL who don't wearing HA are more prone to



-social isolation/lack of social interaction