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General Rule
An attorney cannot represent the client if it will be directly adverse to another client or materially limit an attorney's representation to another, unless the attorney discloses and the client consents after consultation.
Business transactions
the transaction must be fair and equitable to the client and the client is advised and is given reasonable time to seek independent counsel
Client gifts
The client must be related to donee or the client is represented by independent counsel
Literary or Media rights
Representation must be concluded before an attorney can make or negotiate with
3rd party payment
The client must consent; there can be no interference with the attorney's judgment and the client's confidential info is protected.
Multiple client-defendants
Each client must consent after consultation after full disclosure, involving nature of all claims and pleas involved
Malpractice limitation
Must be permitted by law and client has independent representation
Opposing counsel is close family member
Client must consent after disclosing
Proprietary interest
Cannot acquire one except a lawyer secure a lien and negotiate for reasonable contingency fees