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The maximum cabin differencial pressure is
During a normal pressurized climb after takeoff
cabin pressure decreases more slowly then atmospheric pressure
the term pressure cabin means the aeroplane
has the ability to maintain cabin pressure higher then ambient pressure
In a manually operated system, the cabin altitude rate of change is normally controlled by:
a rate of change selector
the cabin pressurization systems have two modes of operation which are
the isobaric mode & the constant pressure differential mode
As an aircraft climbs what system will be used during the climb
the isobaric mode
the purpose of stringers, used in fuselage construction is to
assist the skin withstand longitudinal compressive loads
The security components of a hydrolic system are
filters,pressurerelief valves,by-passes,and the fire shut-off valve
The hydrolic device similar to an electroic diode is a
check valve
the main reasond for using pressurized hydraulic reservoirs on jet transport AC is
to assure that an adequate supply of fluid free from foaming always is present at the pump inlet
the purpose of pressurizing some hydrolic reservoirs is to
provide positive feed to the main pump
in some AC there is a protection device to prevent accidental exrection of the wheels which is
a latch located in the landing gear lever
VLe is
Max speed landing gear extended
VLo is
Max speed landing gear can by operated
In a HP brake hydraulic system
a seperate handbrake system is always fitted
Elevators are used to provide rotation about the
lateral axis
differential ailerons work by
equalising the drag on up and down going wings
when are outboard ailerons used
when flaps are extended
what is the purpose of the cabin pressurization outflow valves
to maximize the cabin pressure differential up to cruising altitude
what is the function of the heat exchanger in a boot strap system
cool the bleed air then cool the compressed outlet air
Pneumatic de-icing system should be operated
when there is approx. 1.5cm of ice on the leading edge
why do the de-icing boots inflate alternately
keeps the disturbance to the airflow to a minimum
reliable info, whether to use the nti icing is
reported temp while on the ground & ram air whilst airborne
fuel is pressurized to prevent
vapour lock
when checking fuel for water contamination water will be
at the botom of the strainer as it is heavier
on jet AC fuel heaters are located
at the engines
the function of a feed box is
to increase the fuel level at the boost pump location
the pressure normally produced by the fuel boost pumps is
the high pressure fuel pumps are driven by
the engine