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What is chemistry

Study of behaviors and properties of matter

What is matter

Anything that occupy space and have a mass

Theory of empedocles

All things are made up of water fire air earth

Who introduced the golfball model?

John Dalton in1808

What are the four postulates related to the golf ball model?

01. Elements are made up of extremly small, invisible, indivisible particles

02. Atoms can not be created or destroyed

03. All atoms of a given element is same in size and mass, but not similar to the atoms of another element.

04. Compounds are formed by the union of 2 or more atoms of different elements ina simple numerical ratio

Who introduced the electron without experimental evidence?

Johnstone G Stoney

Who introduced the crooks tube?

William Crooks

What are the properties of cathode rays?

01. Cathode rays travel in straight lines. (Experiment with an opaque object which gives a shadow with sharp margins)

02.cathode rays are beam of particles with a mass and posses kinetic energy ( experiment with a paddle wheel)

03. Cathode rays are negatively charged particles ( experiment with an electrical field and a magnetic field)

04. Nature of cathode rays not depend on the type of the gas and cathode material.

05. e/m value is constant for cathode rays