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When you go to the very end of the movies from Mars what do you see between the Landers and the rovers?
the tracks of the rovers
what has cause Earth's atmosphere to remain so bizarre?
plants regenerating oxygen
Why are transits more difficult to see than the shadows cast by the moons?
The moons are bright and the shadows are black
Where did Saturn's rings come from?
Maybe a moon got too close to Saturn
What does Venus have in abundance
as an object's distance increases, what happens to its angular size?
it's angular size decreases
There might be suitable enviornment for life on Venus...
in the clouds
The canyon on Mars that would stretch across the entire United States is known as
Valles Marianeris
How have astronomers determined the distance to Venus very precisely?
by bouncing radar beams off Venus
The least dense planets are.
the four giant planets.
Ceres, the largest asteroid, has recently been re-classified, along with Pluto, as a...
dwarf planet
TNO: very eccentric orbits
scattered disk objects
TNO: orbits with very small eccentricity
classical Kuiper Belt objects
TNO: part of the orbits are far beyond the Kuiper Belt
detached objects
TNO: orbital periods linked with Neptune
resonant Kuiper Belt objects
In recent months the Sun has continued to
be "quiet" with little magnetic activity
after years of observing, scientists have figured out that sunspots are...
areas of strong magnetic lines
Why are spacecraft able to pass through the asteroid belt without getting hit?
the asteroids are very far apart
Why are most meteors seen after midnight?
the local part of the Earth is facing into the direction of orbital motion
the two largest known objects found in the Kuiper Belt are...
Eris and Pluto
many meteor showers are due to...
Earth passing through the orbit of a comet
why are the inner planets small and rocky while the outer planets are large and gaseous?
closer to the sun the high temperature drove away most of the gases
the time it takes for the sun on the meridian to return to the meridian is called
a solar day
the seasonal temperature on the Earth depends on...
the amount of heat received from the Sun
When we observe the Sun through an optical telescope, what part do we see?
why is a comet's tail in front of the comet as it moves away from the Sun?
the solar wind pushes the gas and dust away from the Sun
sunspots temperature
core temperature
16 million K
photosphere's temperature
corona's temperature
1 to 2 million K