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Betelgeuse is...

Orion's shoulder (left)

Rigel is...

Orion's foot (right)

Spica is...

Virgo's hand (bottom)

Polaris is...

The North Star (top of boundary)

Arcturus is...

Near the bottom of Bootes

Algieba is...

on the back of leo

Regulus is...

Leo's front paw

Sirius is...

Very large, at the top of Canis Major

Jupiter is...

in Cancer right now, above Canis Minor

Venus is...

near Auriga right now

Orion is...

directly to the west

Auriga is...

North and slightly higher than Orion

Gemini is...

South and slightly higher than Orion

Canis Minor is...

Directly South-West, South of Gemini in the sky, South of Jupiter

Canis Major is...

Mostly South, slightly West

Leo is...

At it's zenith

Virgo is...

Directly South-East

Bootes is...

Directly East higher in the sky

Hercules is...

Directly North-East, low in the sky

Ursa Minor is...

Contains the North Star, is low-ish in the sky, Directly North.

Ursa Major is...

Directly above Ursa Minor, and contains the Big Dipper, as well as the Mizar/Alcor double star