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The bottom up theory states that the galaxy formed...
as a result of mergers between several smaller groups of gas, dust and stars.
A dark region you see in the plane of the milky way is most likely to be produced by....
a cloud of interstellar matter which contains dust particles.
Open (galactic) star clusters..
span a wide range of ages, some are quite young.
What property do galaxies, start clusters, and stars have in common?
(all of the above)
held together by gravity
condensed out of clouds of gas
are composed mostly of hydrogen
Edwin hubble recognized that the Andromeda nebula was a seperate "island universe" rather than a component of our own galaxy because..
he used cephied variables to find it was a tremendous distance away
Which of the following is a characteristic of the halo component of the milky way?
randomly inclined stellar orbits
Harlow shapely used globular clusters to show that the ...
solar system is located far from the center of the milky way
Astronomers use cephied variable stars to measure galaxies dtances because....
thei luminosity can be determined from their period of variation
based on the rotation curves of stars in spiral galaxies and the milky way, most of the mass in the galaxies is believed to be in the form of...
dark matter
Younger star have more heavy elements because
heavy elements were made in the previous generation of stars
______ galaxies contain large clouds of gas and dust, both young and old stars, but have no obvious spiral arms or nucleous.
The milky way galaxy is part od
the local group
hubbles law
(all of the above)
tells us that the universe is expanding
the universe was much smaller in the past
neasure distance of distant galaxies and quasars
more distant galaxies recede more rapidly than nearby ones
The rotation curve of a galaxy can be used to determine
the mass of a galaxy
Supermassive black holes are believed to be present in the center of
(all of the above)
milky way
active galaxies
An elliptical galaxy could
be formed from the collision and merger of spiral galaxies
for which of the follwoing objects does hubbles law work?
distant galaxies
choose the best answer from the following: the one with the lease amount of gas or dust:
quasars must be small because they
have luminosities that fluctuate rapidly
If the red shfts of quasars arise from the expansion of the univers
a quasar must be very luminous
Where is the center of the universe?
There is no center
Our galaxy is one of about thirty members of this collection of galaxies
local group
at 750 kpc away
andromeda galaxy
a collection of thousands of galaxies centered about 15 mpc away from us
virgo cluster
the cosmic background radiation comes frmo a time in the evolution of the universe
when electrons began to recombine with nuclei to form atoms
whether the universe is open, closed or flat depends on the _____ of the universe
the age of the universe can be determined if
the hubble constant and density of the universe can be accurately determined
if H equals 50 km/sec/mpc then a galaxy with a radical velocity of 2000 km/sec probably has a distance of
40 mpc
if the space telescope proved that hubbles constant is actually half as large as it is currently believed to be the implied age of the universe would be ______ the currently accepted value
two times
the universe is said to be closed if
gravity is strong enough to stop the expansion in a finite time
one quarter of the mass of the universe today is helium. this helium was produced
by nuclear reactions occuring a few minutes after the big bang
the hydrogen balmer line Hb has a wavelength 486.1nm in the lab it is observed in a quasar at 2430.5nm what is the shift of this quasar
a recently formed cluster of stars might be identified by the presence of
(all of the above)
bright blue stars
dusty patches hiding parts of the cluster
glowing gas between the stars
reflection nebulae around some stars
if galaxy A is four times more distant than galaxy B then according to the hubble law galaxy A will recede _____ than galaxy B
4x faster
besides hubbles observation of the expanding universe the best evidence for the big bang comes from
the cosmic microwave background and the amount of helium, in the universe