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A person who wrongfully furnishes another person small quantities of illegal drugs, more for the convenience of the user than profit?
Casual supplier
Which of the following is a way to place a controlled substance on the FSCA
Administrative acts passed by Congress
Legislative acts passed by Congress
What act, passed by Congress in 1988, allows for the regulation of certain chemicals used in the making of controlled substances?
Chemical Diversion and Trafficking Act
Under 21 USC Section 811, the FSCA classified drugs into a total of how many schedules?
Which sources may petition to add, delete, or change the schedule of a drug?
A drug manufacturer
A government agency
A medical society
Which factors determines the schedule in which a drug or other substance should be placed?
The drug's potential for abuse
The scientific evidence of the drugs pharmacological effects
The scope, duration, and significance of abuse
Has a currently accepted medical use with severe restriction
Schedule II
Has no currently accepted medical use in treatment
Schedule I
Abuse of this drug may lead to limited psychological dependence
Schedule IV
Abuse of this drug may lead to moderate physical dependence
Schedule III
Drugs that have the lowest potential for abuse are found under what schedule?
Schedule V
When DEA determines that a drug or substance be controlled, a proposal is published in which of the following books?
Federal Register
Once the final order is published in the Federal Register, interested parties have a maximum of how many days to appeal the scheduling of a drug?
In 1984, what act ammended the FSCA to allow the administrator of the DEA to temporarily place a substance into Schedule I
Comprehensive Crime Control Act
May a temporarily scheduling order be extended?
Yes; six months
What 1986 act created a new class of substances known as controlled substance analogues?
Anti-Drug Abuse Act
In what year did Congress ratify the treaty, Convention on Psychotropic Substances?
Any person who handles controlled substances must obtain a registration issued by the DEA
FCSA requires that all controlled substances be inventoried at least how often?
Two years
Which schedule of drugs requires the supplier to have a special order form from the costumer?
Schedules I and II
The determination to place drugs on prescription is within whose jurisdiction
Which schedule drugs must be stored in specially constructed vaults?
Schedule I and II
What drug properties determines the federal trafficking penalties?
The weight
An MA wishing to identify a tablet should consult what section of the Physicians Desk Reference (PDR)
Product section
What type of book is the PDR?
Medical reference book
MAs most commonly obtain a PDR by...?
By obtaining a preceding year's copy from a physician
The stimulant cocaine is a narcotic by legal definition
When used as an analgesic, narcotics provide what type of relief?
Physical and psychic
What does the term "skin popping" means?
User is injecting intramuscularly
Narcotics tend to have which of the following physical effects on the users?
Reduced vision
When a user of narcotics is deprived of the drug, when are the first withdrawal signs experienced?
Shortly before the next schedule dose
Without treatment, withdrawal symptoms disappear in how many days?
Seven to Ten days
Because drug addicts tend to neglect themselves, they often suffer which disorders?
The main source of nonsynthetic narcotics is from what plant?
What type of odor does raw opium have?
Morphine is derived from?
In the illicit market, morphine usually appears in which of the following forms?
Morphine has what type of odor?
Codeine is found in the market in what form?
Tablet, Liquid, Capsule
Thebaine produces a depressant effect
Which drug is morphine like and usually appears as crystalline white powder
Heroin is how many times stronger than morphine in its pure form
Four to Five
Heroin entering the US from Europe is usually of what purity?
Over 90%
Most commonly injected narcotic
Potency is from 2 to 8 times greater than morphine
Synthesized from thebaine
Usually taken for relief of diarrhea
What are the two most widely available synthetic drugs?
Methadone and Meperidine
Which of the following is a commercial name for Pethidine
The effects of morphine-based drugs differ from methadone in what way?
Methadone has a longer duration of action
Fentanyl has a clinical potency of how many times that of morphine
50 to 100
How many different types of fentanyls are approved for marketing in the United States
Fentanyl falls into what schedule of the FSCA
Schedule II
The biological effects of fentanyls are indistinguishable from which drug?
Fentanyls produce pharmacological effects characteristics of which of the following drugs
Fentanyl users experience the first effects within a maximum of how many seconds after administration
3-mathylfantanyl has a duration of action of approximately how many hours
Fentanyls are most commonly taken by which method?
Street samples of fentanyls usually do not have distinctive color, odor, taste
Fentanyl plasma levels above how many nanograms per milliliter are associated with respiratory depression
2 to 3
Respiratory depression caused by fentanyls can be quickly and effectively reversed by administering what drug?
Prescribed depressants are sometimes helpful in the relief of which of the following disorder
Intoxicating doses of depressants may cause what effects?
Slurred speech
Impaired judgement
Loss of motor cordination
Chronic intoxication caused by use of depressants is most common in what age group?
Middle age
Which of the following is a symptom of severe depressant poisoning
Rapid Pulse
Which drug is the most sought after by depressant abusers?
After oral administration of an intermediate-acting barbiturate, what is the approximate action time?
15 to 40
Barbiturates can be very dangerous because tolerance, mental, and physical dependence develops
Barbiturates are most often taken in which of the following forms?
Exceptionally difficult to reverse overdoses, often resulting in death
Miltown (Nickname)
Duration of action similar to intermediate-acting barbiturates
Margin of safety is greater than other depressants
What are the two most prevalent stimulants
Nicotine and Caffeine
Users sometimes rely on stimulants for which reasons?
To be more decisive
The use of stimulants may cause which effects?
The protracted use of stimulants is normally followed by a period of depression known by what term?
Heavy users who inject themselves with stimulants every few hours may experience what effects?
Physical exhaustion
When high-dose users are withdrawn from stimulants, they exhibit profound depression for up to how many hours per day?
20 hours
Cocaine is often adulterated to what percentage of its volume
Cocaine is most often adulterated with which of the following ingredients
To convert cocaine to a base for freebasing, what substance is used?
Cocaine is popularly accepted as what kind of drug
Tolerance seldom develops among cocaine users
Excessive doses of cocaine may cause which of the following disorders?
Combinations shots of cocaine, heroin, and morphine are known by what term?
What method is used to free base traditional cocaine?
Smoked through a water pipe
Which substances is NOT used in the processing of crack
The euphoria caused by crack has been known to last how long?
2 to 20 min
Overdoses caused by either cocaine free base or crack can cause which of the following disorders
Fatal cardiorespiratory arrest
What behaviors may persons on crack exhibit?
Violent and Suicidal
What is the name of the drug that is known as the designer drug of the 1980's
Ecstasy has been around for at least how many years?
75 years
Ecstasy was initially meant to be used for which disorder
What names is ecstasy refer to in the streets?
Yuppie drug
MDMA produces psychotic states that may last for up to how long?
Ecstasy has the same effects as which drugs
LSD plus an amphetamine
When was methcathinone placed under Schedule I of the FSCA
October 1993
What color is methcathinone when it is sold on the street
White to off white