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Ceteris Paribus

All other things equal

Factors of production

The combination of labor, materials and machinery that is used to produce goods and services; aka inputs

Price ceiling

Price floor

A legal maximum price

A legal minimum price


Quantity demanded

- Relationship between price and the quantities people would be willing and able to buy (quantity demanded) - the whole curve

- Specific quantity consumers are willing to purchase at a given price

- a specific point on a given demand curve

Change in demand (other than price)

Change in quantity demanded

- A shift in the whole curve

- A movement along a demand curve

- Caused ONLY by a change in price (which can only be caused by a shift in SUPPLY)


Quantity Supplied

- Relationship between price and quantity supplied of a certain good or service

- Specific quantity producers are willing to sell at a given price

Change in Supply

Change in quantity supplied

- A shift in the whole supply curve when costs of production change

- A movement along a supply curve

- Caused only by a change in price (which can only caused by a shift in demand)