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What is the normal ratio of the anteroposterior to lateral diameter of the chest?
You are inspecting for clubbing. Describe clubbing.
Bulbous appearance of distal phalanges.
Out of the four choices which sound is normally heard over the peripheral lung fields? Tracheal, Bronchial, Bronchovesicular, or Vesicular?
What pulmonary function test reflects the amount of air in the lungs after maximal expiration? Forced vital capacity, Forced expiratory volume in 1 sec, Residual volume or total lung capacity?
Residual volume
Pt. has difficulty breathing when lying in a supine position and must sit upright in order to breathe more comfortably. The pt. condition would be correctly termed as:
When an individual smokes tobacco, he/she depresses a vital mechanism that assists the body in maintaining a patent airway. This mechanism is cough reflex, ciliary movement, adequate mucous secretion, or gag reflex?
Ciliary movement
Crackles are abnormal lung sounds caused by?
Air suddenly flowing through previously collapsed airways.
In normal respiratory function, the major stimulus for ventilation is?
Arterial Co2 partial pressure
The optimal position for a client undergoing a thoracentesis is?
Sitting on the side of bed with chest supported
Define bronchoscopy.
Insertion of a lighted scope through the trachea for examination of lung structures.
This must be done after any invasive procedure involving the thorax.
Chest x-ray
This measures oxygenation and ventilation status.
arterial blood gases
Removal of fluid from pleural cavity for diagnostic or therapeutic reasons is known as?
This is used to identify areas of lung not receiving airflow or bloodflow.
lung scan