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Tantam 91
Anxiety Depression Schizo
Kiln 94
Au spectrum
Schopler 88
Szatsmari 89
AS/HFA = continum
Burgoine & wing
Triplets No speech delay
IQ controlled AS best apple, banana, truck , grouping AS WCST HFA- motor coordiation
Ozonoff 91
ICD-10 Diff VIQ Emotion perception Central exec Verbal mem TOM AS increased
Gilberg 98
Asp parents = high asperger kids Than AU parents= AU kids AS/AU diffs
Kiln 95
ICD 10 Age and IQ matched AS VIQ>PIQ HFA-VIQ=PIQ Motorskills Visual-motor Non-verbal Vis-memory
Method probs Criteria IQ and MA Methodology
Prior 98
HFA/AS/PDD WISC, TOM, ADS checklist Verbal task OOO No language TOM BC Evidence for continuum
B+C close to norm, group overlap AS & HF similarities Few friendships Low speech Dinosaur
Satmari 92
Diagnoses shouldn’t be everything
Good TOM Socially abnormal Scripts Timing
Gilchrist 2001
AS/HFA/CD WISC/ADI/ADOS – good validity Retrospecive report No difficulties Speech Imitative play Motor control Verbal language
Mayes & Calhoun 2002
HFA same development of asp later
Prior 98
No differences between A and AS
Mayes 2001
Use same AS no language probs Speech later develops
Baron Cohen
Less impared AS/A
Gilberg Coleman 93
25% A=HFA
Kugler 98
Aeitiogenesis and pathogenesis Understand wait longer
Rapin 99
Rubella Thalidomide Herpes Tuberous sclerosis Fragile x Angleman Cornelia de ange syndrome Delong Brian damage Neurotransm
Wing 83
MZ% concord
Bailey, Le couter and Gottesman 95
Multiple genes
Gilberg 98
A= 44 chromo linked
Rutter 98
Partial tetrasomy chromo 15
Gilberg and coleman 92
Male personality
Szatmari 98
X linked seratonin tranporter Env and brain inj
Sib 3-8% diagnosed autism
Hallmayer 96
X chromo ¾ genes for autism
Rodier 2000
Relatives – “50-50 phenotype”
Folstein 99
DS vs Au – Au relative problem
Fombonne 97
low verbal IQ
Delong 99
High no of BGTC circuitry disorders
Cohen and hammer 97
Parents of asp have high visual perception
Volmar kin & pauls 2000
Genetic high aspergers
Frith & Happe 94
Tom doesn’t account for clinical pheno
Ozonoff rogers and pennington 91
No diff btw AS and A on WCST
Ghazinddin 96
Szatmari 89-
Siatas, Durkin and Pratt 98 –
pedantic speech
Manijioviana & prior 99
Big sample AS and AU Tower of london test Controlled word assoc Exec function and laterality ASP> AU IQ
Satmari 99
High Intelligence Auditory Memory Facial recog Visual-motor Wisconsin card sorting- only diff
Rinehart 2001
Stroop task Probs w inhibition Asp sim to controls Inhib and set shifting difficult
Local to global set shift paradigm AU not so good at numerical local to global AS ok at this
Lesions Inhibition problem Social output problem OCD
Fein 94
Hemisphere imparement subtypes AS= no lang delay
Lang delay= r-hemisp Neuro says left (asp)
Rinehart 2003
Laterality HFA/ASP Serial reaction time task Light path Posner task right side espond AS- sim to controls AS- no lag delay right side
Rinehart 2002
Dopamine right / left to see deficit
Manova & Prior 99
A & AS good at block design
Michell 99
Visual illusion A and AS
Hermelin 94
Detail focus A and AS
Joliffe & baron cohen 97
Embedded figures
Baron Cohen 97
Parents sim
Rinehart 2000
EF inhibition AV< AS local to global Face processing High EF deficit Functional global processing pattern
Tantam 88
AS clumsy
Cunnington 96
Rinehart 2001
AU lack anticipation
Manjova & prior
Fine and complex motor skills
Muller 2001
Fingertapping task Low activity in primary motor cortex
Rinehart tonge and bradshaw 2003
Sequential movement Supplementary motor movement normals AU parkinsonian Movement relatied potential
Cunnington 95
Internally cued impared internal control