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What's the first step to setting up the anesthetic machine?
Turn on the oxygen tank and the scavenger system.
What do you do after turning O2 & scavenger on?
Hook the machine up to the O2 line in the ceiling.
After hooking O2 up, what do you do?
Attach the Y2 nozzle.
What do you do after you connect the Y2 nozzle?
Connect the reservoir bag.
What do you need to check to make sure the machine is working properly?
Check O2 (flowmeter), Isoflurane level, the vaporizer, sodalime, do a pressure leak check.
What do you do after you connect the reservoir bag?
Connect the scavenger tube from the machine to the outlet in the ceiling.
How do you check to see if the vaporizer is working?
Turn the dial on & off.
How do you check to see if the oxygen is working?
Use the flowemeter to turn it on and see if it's working.
How do you check the sodalime?
Check the chart or see if there is if color change in 1/3-1/2 of the crystals, if so replace.
How do you choose the appropriate size reservoir bag?
1L bag up to 35 lbs.
2L bag 36-73 lbs.
3L bag 74-110 lbs.
How do you check the machine for leaks?
Close popoff valve, seal Y piece, push O2 flush valve (needle should be steady, if not check for leaks), open popoff valve to let pressure out through scavenger tube, release Y piece.
How do you shut down the anesthetic machine?
Turn of O2 tank. Seal off the Y piece, open the popoff valve & depress the Oxygen flush valve until hissing stops. Turn off scavenger system, dismantle and sanitize equipment.
What's the route of oxygen through the anesthetic machine?
O2 Tank-flowmeter-vaporizer-fresh gas outlet-inspiratory flutter valve-patient-expiratory flutter valve-reservoir bag-CO2 absorber-scavenger system.