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Egyptio-Roman. Young Woman with a Golden Pectoral. 100-150 C.E.
Wyeth. Braids. 1979
Raphael. School of Athens. 1510
Rivera. Detroit Industry . 1930
Jan van Eyck. Man in a Red Turban. 1433
Kokoshka. Self Portrait. first half 20th cent.
Monet. Field of Poppies. 1873
Stella. Empress of India. 1965
Homer. For to be a Farmer’s Boy. 1887
Bayeux Tapestry. detail Harold and William. 1066
Bearden Empress of the Blues 1974
Chartes Cathedral. France, 1250

Leonardo da Vinci. Star of Bethlehem and other plants. 1505.

Lippi. Standing Nude and Seated Man Reading. 1480.

Seurat. Cafe-concert. 1887.

Degas. The Singer in Green. 1884.

Rembrandt. Cottage among trees. 1650

Braque. Still life on Table: "Gillette" 1914.

Bearden. Mysteries. 1964

Johns. Numbers in Color. 1960.

Rivera. Mixtec Culture. 1942.

Lawrence. In many of the communities the Negro press was read continually because of its attitude and its encouragement of the movement. 1940.

Sargent. Mountain Stream. 1912.