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Articles of Confederation
1st American attempt at national government; got the new country through the war for their independence (American Revolution)
the Confederation Congress couldn't make the states follow its laws (rules)
Ex. What happens if there are no consequences for NOT doing homeowrk?
no national court system
Ex. Who would solve the problems between states? With other countries? What if the states are not obeying the Articles of Confederation?
13-headed monster in charge of the national government
Ex. Have you ever tried to get 4 or 5 of your friends to agree on which movie to see? Where to go for lunch? What pizza to buy? Which game?
Conderation Congress had no authority (power) to regulate trade
Ex. Each state prints its own money, so who says how many NY dollars equal 1 NJ dollar? Who settles problems between states? Who decides what's fair?
To pass a law, *9* states had to agree
Ex. Again, how hard is it to get 9 people to agree on something NOT important, like what movie to see? How much harder do you think it was when 9 men had to agree on something they thought was VERY important?
To change the Articles of Confederation, all *13* states had to agree
Ex. Again, to get unanimous consensus among 13 people is extremely difficult
Confederation Congress could pass taxes but had no authority (power) to collect them
Ex. If I announced that a new "Classroom Tax" and everyone had to bring me a dollar each day, what do you think would happen? Could I make you pay the 'tax'?