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Why all the controversy over junk sciene?
expert witness testimony from docs. and lawyers now being held accountable if caught with false testimonies (loss of license)
who is the junk science hurting?
patients and docs
How is the profession of medicine changed?
its a business now, $is more important than care, no autonomy
Why are they not standing up for their patients?
fear of losing their job and now their medicine contradicts the hippocratic oath
What might be the reason for women gaining status in work place?
they work more hours and mens wages are not increasing
Do female lawyers who do not expect their sex to be an obstacle experience harrasment?
yes, they open themselves to it bc men figure they will not do much about it.
What causes a woman to leave her job?
same as men: lack of job satisfaction and lack of advancement
Which women see themselves as equal to men and experience the most sexual harassment?
the careerists
How has work changed in the past 20 years?
longer hours, longer commutes, and more work is coming home...all do to the need of corporate growth
What affects do female writers experience?
mood disorders, drug abuse, eating disorders
is there a link between creativity and mental illness?
YES, link is w/ depression