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Calling of Saint Matthew,

Italian Baroque


Hello st mat?

Spaghetti broke


Las Meninas,

Spanish Baroque

Vel a quez

The girls??

El broke



Dutch Baroque

Tweetys enemy


Butch broke

Mansart and LeBrun,

Hall of Mirrors,

French Baroque,

Versailles, France

What about WOMAN art and lebron

Carnival game at pier 39

Bon bon broke

Versacie bon bon


The Swing,



They're bi?

Pastel era


The Experiment on a Bird in the Airpump,



Testin a planet earth hoe's in the oxygen tank

Educated era


Cornelia Pointing to her Children as her Treasures,


ccoughing guy

"my treasures" cornelious @ their kids

Educated era


Portrait of Marie Antoinette with her Children,


Veggié lebron

Pic selfie of mary antoinew they kids

Classic neon


Oath of the Horatii,


d.a. brother

Promise of the hoe rottie

Classic neo




Charlottesville, Virginia, USA


Monti python Cello

Classic neo

Car accident racism


The Raft of the "Medusa",


Gerry cault

weak boat of stone snake god



Liberty Leading the People: July 28, 1830,


Dela sparkling water

Justice leadin the ppl 4 28 1830



The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters,


Go yah

The sleep on reason makes monster energy



The White Horse,


Cons table

Blanca ney



Abbey in an Oak Forest,


Fried rich

Abbeygale in a pkmn prof grassland



Burial at Ornan,


Corbin bet

Rip at or naan bread

Real ****


The Gleaners,



The G cleaners

Real ****


Italian for "murky" large areas of darkness in high contrast to brightly illuminated areas. Extremes of light and dark. The opposite of chiroscuro.

Caravaggio, The Calling of Saint Matthew


Foreshortened illusionistic architecture in a ceiling paintings designed to look like it extends past the confines of the room itself.

Pozzo, Glorification of Saint Ignatius


A novel, play, or paintings that ridiculous people's hypocrisy or foolishness.

Hogarth, Wedding a la Mode

Exemplum Virtutis

Example or model of virtue.

Kauffmann, Cornelia Pointing to her Children as her Treasures


As seriousness or sobriety displayed through restrained emotion, dignity and heroism associate with ancient Rome.

David, Oath is the Horatti

The Sublime

The concept of the awe-inspiring relating to the terror, obscurity vastness and beauty of man and nature. Feeling of awe mixed in terror.

Gericault, Raft of the "Medusa"


French for "in the open air." The practice of painting outdoors to capture the fleeting effects of light in atmosphere while working directly with nature.

Friedrich, Abbey in the Oak Forest

Salon des Refusés

The "Salon of the Rejected" established by French Emperor Napoleon III to show all of the works rejected by the French Academy

Manet, Lunchon the grass

How does the "Surrender of Breda" by Velazquez glorify Spanish military authority and the diplomacy of the Spanish King?

Surrender of Breda glorifies the Spanish military in three ways. Usual war paintings that represent a winning team tend to show the result right after the win meaning they're all destroyed and in the middle of the battlefield but how this painting is depicted is showing the aftermath of the war. Without the more violent details it shows the Spanish looking kinder, fuller, and well-put. In doing so this makes for good representation of the leader to the viewer, which can be seen in his display room that the Spanish leader tends to throw his social gatherings at. The Third Way this makes the Spanish military look good is how the representing the other team, they make the other team look much weaker was a lot less men which adds on to the look of the Spanish military looking cleaner, fuller in men, and would be prepared to battle again without looking like they'd start the fight.

What was the original political meaning attributed to Jacques-Louis David's "Oath of the Horatti"? How and why did the message chance during the French Revolution?

David's "Oath of the Horatii" is based on a story of Rome and Alba getting into a feud but instead of fighting with an army and creating a war they decide on a battle against each of their three strongest warriors. The painting is showing 3 Roman Brothers accepting the challenge and saluting while their sister and mother are crying. This is supposed to represent the loyalty and strength of Rome which was fine at the time it was made, four years before the French Revolution, but once the French tried to go after David for his painting's stance he decided to say the meaning of the painting is of something else instead of fighting for what it really was. Now the painting is more generalized to the true look of patriotism and heroism without supporting a specific side too much.

How does Gericault's "Raft of the Medusa" exemplify Romanticism? What was the political message behind this painting? Remember to define Romanticism in your answer.

Romanticism is about the emotion. It's a style that supposed to get you to feel what the artist is giving out. Whether it's an emotion of Love, pain, anger, curiosity, Etc. you're supposed to get it from the peace and react to it. This painting by Gericault is supposed to give you the sense of fear, but not so much to where you're not curious as to what could happen next. It's a mix of the sublime and gravitas. This is based off an event of over 100 people on that small raft but only 15 of all those people make it out alive, Gericault painted the climax of the event to raise awareness of how the king at the time was treating his own people. To get people to understand how the King was lazy and selfish to the point of it affecting his people and that we should do something about him, which political but also gets a rise out of people's emotion by expressing it through a tragic event.

Why did the Realist receive negative reaction from French society during the 19th century? Support your answer using ONE (1) French Realist painting (artist and title) to support your answer.

The French society was all over the romantic period still when realism was coming up to the world as a new period style, the existence of realism was rooted from artists getting sick of romanticism. They wanted to paint truth about the everyday people, Millet for example was raised from a lower economic class family and worked his way up to a famous artist. He decided to truly represent the working class by painting "The Gleaners" in which it shows people doing back breaking work for crumbs of food, of course this went against the beauty and fantasy style of Romanticism. Since realism was starting up in a period of painting fiction rather than fact this was easily drowned in negative reaction.

Compare and contrast Fragonard's "The Swing" with Kauffmann's "Cornelia Pointing to her Children as her Treasures". Identify each painting's period style. How is each artworks characteristic of its style? What message is each painting telling the viewer? Remember to use the vocabulary you've learned in class!

I see more differences than similar but for what I can see in common right away is that both painting share the topic of a woman happily living her everyday life and to a degree they're both expressing love, the swing girl is in love with the man in the bushes while Cornelia expresses her love for her children. They're different in the type of love they're expressing, While Cornelia is a more motherly love the swing girl expresses a love from lust for the man in the buses. Of course the styles are different, The Swing is from the Rococo period while Cornelia is from the Enlightenment period. The topic of the paintings are shared but because of their time they're vastly different lifestyles, while the lifestyle in the swing is a carefree and everyday party type life the lifestyle in Cornelia is more matured and dedicated to motherhood. The rococo was a time for soft, light-hearted art while the enlightenment was more of an educating time for art and both painting represent that well for their periods.

Compare and contrast David's "Oath of the Horatti" with Gericault's "Raft of the Medusa". Identify each painting's period style. Describe how each artwork represents its period style. Be specific in your discussion of how the painting is characteristic of its period style. What social and political messages is each painting telling the viewer?

Both paintings are powerful political messages but due to the time they were created in only one was able to stay as a powerful message. The Oath of Horatti was made during the Neoclassicism period, more specifically a few years before the French Revolution, and it originally was about the three brothers being loyal and heroic to Rome but because David got threatened for its original message he had to generalize it to them just being brave. The Raft of Medusa however was during the Romantic period so not only did Gericault got to express himself but he really got deep into it to make sure viewers know how bad their king was. David was silenced but Gericault got to go over the top with his painting's vibe.