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Which of the following is the first known historical example of an art object that identifies its subject with a name on its surface?
Palatte of Narmar
Which of the following is a sculpture of a nude male youth from the Archaic period?
The fibula excavated from the Regolini-Galassi Tomb illustrates motifs borrowed from the Orient. Which of the following is one of those designs?
Walking Lions
Werner Herzog’s film Cave of Forgotten Dreams emphasizes which aspect of Paleolithic painting?
That is was collaborative across time and generations
Which term describes a technique often used by Paleolithic artist for drawing animals?
Twisted Perspective
Who was the Babylonian king that codified laws and prescribed penalties for infractions?
What epic poem recounts the exploits of a legendary king of Uruk?
Epic of Gilgamesh
Which of the following is depicted as a hawk or falcon and protector of pharaoh?
Which of the following describes a building technique commonly used in Egyptian temples?
Post and lintel
Which cardinal direction is associated with death in the Nile River Valley?
Which animal is a prominent feature of Minoan culture and found throughout the Palace of Knossos?
What is the name for the architectural element that rests above the architrave and usually has metopes and triglyps in the Doric order?
Which term is a sculpture of a female figure used as an architectural support?
What Greek era does the artist Praxiteles, known for his sensual sculptures like Aphrodite of Knidos, represent?
What historical event marks the beginning of the Hellenistic era?
The death of Alexander the Great
The Greek concept of arête, the combination of beauty and Good, is best exemplified in which of the following sculptures?
Kroisos Kouros from Anavyssos
Which complex laid the architectural foundations for the designs of the great pyramids of Giza?
Stepped Pyramid Mortuary complex of Djoser
Pedimental sculpture is extremely rare in Etruscan temple architecture. Normally the Etruscans placed their narrative statuary on which of the following elements?
The peaks of the temple roof
What medium was used in the wall paintings at Knossos?
True Fresco
Which actions were supposed to disrupt the afterlife keeping the Ka and Ba from returning to the deceased?
Scratching out the name of the dead and breaking noses of sculpted portraits.
What is unique about the streets of Çatal Höyük?
There are no streets just passage ways between buildings.
Which Mesopotamian culture is credited with developing the earliest written language?
An important series of caves with paintings from the Paleolithic period is located in ________.
What is a megalith
It is a massive sized rock.
The Ziggurat at Ur can best be described as a __________.
Sumerian temple base
The column used on Etruscan temples is similar to which type of Greek column?
Which of the following terms is used to describe the Roman Temple of “Fortuna Virilis” also known as Temple of Portunus?
Which of the following is NOT an example of motifs or symbols used by early Christians?
Which following term describes the raised-hands figures that early Christians used as symbols of intercessors and worshipers?
Which deity did the Julian line believe that they were descended from?
Where would an oculus be found?
at the center of a dome
Which of the following have not been found in the Indus River Valley culture?
religious architecture
Which culture influenced the sculpture style of the Gandhara school?
Which river valley did the Chinese Neolithic cultures and the Shang Dynasty build their cities?
Yellow River
A yakshi is the personification for which of the following?
Fertility and vegetation
The Action of Teaching
Resting in Meditation
The 3rd Style of Roman fresco painting is distinguished by __________________.
faux low relief architectural features and decorative elements
Coffering was used to lighten the weight of the dome in which of these structures?
Roman portraiture during the Republic was generally of elderly male statesmen executed with what quality by the sculptor.
Which of the following would be located in a Roman forum and would house the law court for the city?
Which of the following were carved into the tornas of the Great Stupa of Sanchi?
Jatakas and yakshi
Circumambulation is the method of worship at which of the following sites?
Great Stupa at Sanchi
Which Hindu deity is often represented in the arts as one of his many avatars?
What is this name of this early Christian symbol?


Early Christians repeatedly used which symbol in tombs and catacombs as and image of hope?
The Good Sheppard
What Old Testament narrative was used repeatedly by early Christians because of it foreshadowing of Christ’s death and resurrection?
Jonah and the Whale
Which of the following is not found in the first few centuries of Buddhist imagery?
Portrait of Siddhartha
Which term is the action of worship performed by both Buddhists and Hindus at stupas and inside temples?
Who was the first emperor of China and had a terracotta army created for his burial site?
Illusionistic and expansive spaces.
Tang Dynasty sculptors imported which of the following Indian features?
sensuous flesh and clinging drapery
The Great Wall of China was constructed as a defense against the nomadic peoples of the north, in particular the ___________.
Which of the following are among the earliest Japanese artifacts?
Jomon ceramics
Which of the following are ceramic vessels that adorned Japanese burial sites during the Kofun Period?
Which dynasty was witnessed first-hand and described by Marco Polo, in the 13th century, as the most sophisticated civilization in the world?
Which term describes the richly adorned and princely dressed figures, found in Buddhist iconography, whose role is to help humanity while postponing their own enlightenment?
The large scale landscape paintings of the Song Dynasty are directly influenced by which of the following?
Which of the following is associated with the Pure Land School sect of Buddhism?
Which building does this detail of a mosaic come from?
Galla Placidia
What artistic disruption occurred in the Byzantine world from 726-843
In which year did Constantinople fall to the Ottoman Turks, there by ending the Byzantine Empire?
The Koran’s admonishment against the creation and worship of idols helped propel which art medium to the top of the artistic hierarchy?
Which term describes the type of drill work and carving that is prominent in Islamic and Byzantine architectural surfaces?
What architectural element causes the dome of Hagia Sophia to appear to levitate?


Which is the term that describes the entrance or vestibule into a basilica form church?
Which of the following are characteristics of medieval designs from Nordic and Celtic regions?
Interlacing and organic-abstract patterns.
In Islamic and Byzantine architecture, a squinch was used to do what?
to make the transition from a dome onto a square base.
Merovingian jewelry utilized the color of red glass and stones in cloisonné and is interpreted to represent which of the following?
The blood of Christ.
Abbot Suger began the Gothic movement with his renovation of the choir of which building?
Which term describes the semicircular niche found in the qibla wall of a mosque?
Which of the following is a Romanesque pilgrimage church?
Gothic sculpture is different from earlier forms in which of the following ways?
High relief.
Which of the following describes the passageway around the apse of a church?


Which early mosque features noteworthy mosaics of flora and fauna?
Great Mosque of Damascus
Which of the following is an example of High Gothic architecture?
Chartres Cathedral
Which term means the elevated platform where the imam conducts service in a mosque?
Which of the following is a portable work of art?
Lindisfarne Gospel
Gothic cathedral builders resolved the lateral thrust problem of walls buckling outwards by using which architectural feature?
Flying Buttress
Hiberno-Saxon manuscripts utilize elaborate patterns and interlacing with terminal ends of stylized animals. Which of the following terms describes this characteristic?
Which initials of Christ are represented by this image?
The term Carolingian describes art and architecture made in the late 8th to early 9th century under the patronage of which ruler?
The image is an example of what kind of manuscript?
The image is an example of what kind of manuscript?
The use of ABBA or ABAB patterns in supports of the nave are characteristic of which period?
Which term refers to the mystical splendor of stain-glass windows transmitting True Light into the church and enlightening the congregation?
Lux Nova
What architectural feature is prominent in this ceiling detail of Westminster Abbey?
What architectural feature is prominent in this ceiling detail of Westminster Abbey?
Fan Vaults
Which architectural detail is an upside down triangular shape with a slightly concave surface?
Which of the follow was NOT a function of an icon a Byzantine church?
It prays for the faithful.
Which term describes the part of an interior wall, with fenestration, that rises above an adjacent roof to allow light into the sanctuary?
The diagram to the right shows a rose window with two ________ windows.
The diagram to the right shows a rose window with two ________ windows.
Which century did the Umayyad Dynasty conquer the Iberian Peninsula (Spain)?
Romanesque and Gothic churches often made use of which iconographic arrangement in the tympanums over the doorways of west facing façades?
The Last Judgment.
Which term describes a metal working technique using small divisions filled with enamel or stones?
The Palatine Chapel of Charlemagne shows evidence of Islamic architecture by which of the following?
Two-toned stone arches.
The large pilgrimage churches of the 11th and 12th centuries utilized which architectural element in the nave?
Transverse Arches
Which is an example of an embroidered work of art that chronicles the historical conquest of England in 1066 by Duke William of Normandy?
Bayeux Tapestry
What is the term for the lead I-bar component used in Gothic stained glass
What architectural feature is prominent in this image?
What architectural feature is prominent in this image?
Flying Buttresses
For extra credit, choose which style this image represents?
For extra credit, choose which style this image represents?