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The determination of dates.
Terminus post quem
"Point after which." Earliest time that the piece of art could have been created.
Terminus ante quem
"Point before which." Latest time that the piece of art could have been created.
Physical evidence
Dating an artwork through materials used, whether by the times they were used or through certain characteristics of the materials (tree rings, etc.).
Documentary evidence
Dating an artwork through official records. Can help determine who commissioned artwork, when the commission was made, the artist(s), and how much payment went to whom.
Internal evidence
Dating an artwork through an identifiable person or people in the image and/or through fashions, furniture, and/or hairstyles in the image easily identified as belonging to a certain time period.
Stylistic evidence
Dating an artwork through what style it seems to belong to. Subjective, least reliable method.
Period style
Characteristic style of a period. However, there are periods with little to no stylistic unity, and artwork in the same period can drastically vary even between geographically close regions.
Regional style
Variations in style tied to geography. Two artworks from the same region but from different times can appear more similar than two contemporaneous pieces from separate regions.
Personal style
The identifiable style and/or traits of a single artist or architect's work. However, artists can change styles, and some artists' work is divided into periods of its own.
"The writing of images." Also encompasses the study of symbols, attributes, and personification.
An object that stands in for other objects or ideas.
Attribute (artistic quality)
Something that commonly identifies a figure in art.
An abstract idea in human form.
Assigning a piece of artwork to an artist, named or unnamed.