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Title:Mother Goddess

Date: 1945

Creator: Jean Dubuffet

Medium: O/paper

Title: City Square

Date: 1948

Creator: Alberto Giacometti

Medium: Bronze

Title: Autumn Rhythm

Date: 1950

Creator: Jackson Pollock

Medium: Oil and enamel on canvas

Title: Vir Heroicus Sublimus

Date: 1950-51

Creator: Barnett Newman

Medium: O/C

Title: Notre Dame du Haut

Date: 1950-54

Creator: Le Corbusier

Location: Ronchamp, France

Title: Mountains and Sea

Date: 1952

Creator: Helen Frankenthaler

Medium: O/C

Title: Woman and Bicycle

Date: 1952-53

Creator: Willem De Kooning

Medium: O/C

Title: Target with Plaster Casts

Date: 1955

Creator: Jasper Johns

Medium: Encaustic on collage on canvas with wood and plaster

Title: Just What Is It That Makes Today's Homes So Different, So Appealing?
Date: 1956

Creator: Richard Hamilton

Medium: Collage

Title: Monitor

Date: 1956

Creator: Franz Kline

Medium: O/C

Title: Maroon on Blue

Date: 1957-60

Creator: Mark Rothko

Medium: O/C

Title: Seagram Building

Date: 1958

Creator: Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe and Philip Johnson

Location: New York City

Title: Monogram

Date: 1959

Creator: Robert Rauschenberg

Medium: Found Objects and Oil Paint on Wood

Title: Die Fahne Hoch "The Flag on High"

Date: 1959

Creator: Frank Stella

Medium: Enamel on Canvas

Title: Saraband

Date: 1959

Creator: Morris Louis

Medium Acrylic on Canvas

Title: Woman in Restaurant Booth

Date: 1961-62

Creator: George Segal

Medium: Plaster, wood, metal, found objects, and materials

Title: Anthropometries of the Blue Period

Date: 1960

Creator: Yves Klein

Medium: performance

Title: Homage to New York

Date: 1960

Creator: Jean Tinguely

Medium: Motorized found object assemblage/performance

Title: Guild House

Date: 1960-64

Creator: Robert Venturi

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Title: Words

Date: 1961

Creator: Allan Kaprow

Medium: Environment/ Event with paper and record players

Title: Green Coca Cola Bottles

Date: 1962

Creator: Andy Warhol

Medium: Oil screenprint on canvas

Title: On the Floor

Date: 1962

Creator: George Brecht/FLUXUS

Medium: Event/Perfomance

Title: Art: Art as Idea as Idea

Date: 1966

Creator: Joseph Kosuth

Medium: Mounted Photostat

Title: Wham!

Date: 1963

Creator: Ray Lichtenstein

Medium: Magna on Canvas

Title: Model (Ghost) Typewriter

Date: 1963

Creator: Claes Oldenburg

Medium: Painted canvas, kapok stuff and wood

Title: Orion MC

Date: 1963

Creator: Victor Vasarely

Medium: Tempera on Cardboard

Title: F-111

Date: 1965

Creator: James Rosenquist

Medium: Oil on Canvas with Aluminum

Title: Untitled (Wall Relief)

Date: 1966

Creator: Donald Judd

Medium: Galvanized iron and Plexiglass

Title: Twelfth Copper Corner

Date: 1975

Creator: Carl Andre

Medium: 78 Copper Plates

Title:Spiral Jetty

Date: 1969-70

Creator: Robert Smithson

Medium: rock;saltcrystals;water;earth

Location: Great Salt Lake, UT

Title:Self-Portrait as Fountain

Date: 1966

Creator: Bruce Nauman

Medium: staged photograph

Title:Pompidou Center

Date: 1971-84

Creator: Renzo Piano & Richard Rogers

Location: Paris, France

Title:Coyote, Or, I Like America and It LikesMeDate: 1974

Creator: Joseph Beuys

Medium: performance/eventQ

Title:Untitled Film Still

Date: 1978

Creator: Cindy Sherman

Medium: photograph

Title:AT&T (Sony) Building

Date: Completed 1984

Creator: Philip Johnson & John Burgee Location: New York City


Date: 1978-79

Creator: Chuck Close

Medium: acrylic on canvas

Title:March Sand

Date: 1980-82

Creator: Anselm Kiefer

Medium: oil, emulsion, shellac, sand, photo oncanvas

Title:The Man Who Flew into Space From HisApartment, (from series entitled Ten Characters)

Date: 1981-88

Creator: Ilya Kabakov

Medium: found objects installation

Title:We won't play nature to yourculture

Date: 1983

Creator:Barbara Kruger

Medium: photograph

Title:Horn Players

Date: 1983

Creator: Jean Michel Basquiat

Medium: acrylic & mixed media on canvas

Title:Michael Jackson and Bubbles

Date: 1988

Creator: Jeff Koons

Medium:painted porcelain


Date: 1988

Creator: Adrien Piper

Medium: video installation with monitor,furniture, framed certificates, drape

Title:Fin de Siècle II

Date: 1989

Creator: Nam June Paik

Medium: video installation(multi-monitor,multi-channel)

Title:Arena #5 (E.T.s)

Date: 1990

Creator: Mike Kelley

Medium: stuffed animals;blanket

Title:Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

Date: 1991-97

Creator: Frank Gehry (& Associates)

Location: Bilbao, Spain

Title:HouseDate: 1993

Creator: Rachel Whiteread

Medium: spray-cast steel-reinforced concrete

Location: London (demolished)

Title:Away from the Flock

Date: 1994

Creator: Damien Hirst

Medium:lamb, taxidermy material, formaldehydesolution, glass, steel


Date: 1989

Creator: Jeff Wall

Medium: transparencyin light box

Title:A Bigger Splash

Date: 1967

Creator: David Hockney

Medium: acrylic on canvas