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Painted Shell, Cueva Antón, Spain 50,000 BP

Decorated Ochre, Blombos Cave, South Africa 77,000 BP

Hand Print, Chauvet, France 32,000 BC

Composite Bison, Lascaux, France 15,000 BC

Deceased Man, Lascaux, France 15,000 BC

Modelled Clay Bison, Le Tuc d’Audoubert, France 13,000 BC


Relief Decorated Stone Pillars, Göbeklitepe 10,000 BC

Lion Human, Hohlstein-Stadel, Germany c.40,000-35,000BC

Woman from Willendorf, Austria 24,000 BC

Woman from Dolni Vestonice, Czech Republic 23,000 BC

Head of a Woman, Brassempouy, France 25,000-20,000 BC

Jomon Pot, Japan 12,000 BC

Relief and Bulls Head Interiors, Çatalhöyük 7400 BC

Map? Mural, Çatalhöyük 7400 BC

Rainbow Serpent Rock, Australia 6000 BC

Shallow Bowl, Tell Arpachiyah, Halaf Pottery 6000-5400 BC

Jar with Birds, Tell Hassan, Halaf Pottery 6000-5400 BC

Plastered Skulls, Jericho, West Bank c.7000 BC

Buried Human Sculptures, ‘Ain Ghazal in Jordon c.6500 BC

Newgrange, Ireland c.3000-2500 BC

Stonehenge, England 3000-1500 BC

Uruk IV and III Proto-Cuneiform Tablet, Iraq c.3100BC

Anu Ziggurat and White Temple, Uruk 3300-3000 BC

Warka Vase, Uruk Iraq c.3000 BC

Great Death Pit, Ur Cemetery, Iraq c.3000-2500 BC

Standard of Ur, Grave 779, Ur Cemetery, Iraq c.3000 BC

Queen Puabi’s Tomb and Cylinder Seal, Ur Cemetery, Iraq c.2500

Lyre, Ur Cemetery, Iraq 2500 BC

Disk of Enheduanna, Ur, Iraq 2300 BC

Stele of Naram Sin, Susa, Iran (Originally Sippar, Iraq) c.2254,

Gudea at Girsu/Telloh capital of Lagash city-state, Iraq c.2090 BC

Stele of Hammurabi, Susa, Iran (Originally, Babylonia) c.1792-1750BC

Beaker with Animal Decoration, Susa, Iran 4000BC

Kneeling Bull Man, Iran 3100-2900BC

Statue of Queen Napir-Asu, Susa, Iran, c.1350-1300BC

Stamp Seal, Mohenjo-Daro, Pakistan 2500-2000 BC

Great Bath, Mohenjo-daro, Pakistan 2600-1900 BC

Priest King, Mohenjo-daro, Pakistan 2600-1900 BC

Narmer Palette, Temple of Horus, Hierakonpolis, Egypt c.2950 BC

Djoser’s Complex, Saqqara, Egypt, by Imhotep, 2630-2611 BC

The Great Pyramids, Giza/Gizeh, Egypt 2551 and 2472 BC

Khafre statue with protecting Horus, Gizeh, Egypt 2520-2494 BC

Menkaure and His Queen Khamerernebty?, Gizeh, Egypt c.2490-2472 BC

Pepi II & Ankhnesmerire II, Queen regent 2278-2224 BC

Pictorial Reliefs in the Tomb of Ti, Saqqara, Egypt 2450-2325 BC

Senusret III, 12th dynasty 1836-1818

Hatshepsut, Deir El Bahri, Egypt 1473-1458 BC Funerary Temple of Hatshepsut

Hatshepsut Kneeling

Akhenaten Statue for Aten Temple Built Near Karnak, Egypt 1353-1336 BC

Akhenaten Family Relief, Tell El-Amarna, Egypt 1353-1336 BC (Painted Limestone)

Head of Nefertiti By Thutmose, Tell El-Amarna, Egypt 1353-1336 BC

Judgment of Hunefer Before Osiris, Book of The Dead 1285 BC