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Luba, Bowstand, 19th-20th c., DRC

Luba, Stool, by the Buli Master, 19th c., DRC

Akan, Ceremonial State Swords and Caps, Ghana

Church of Bet Giyorgis, ca 13th c., Lalibela, Ethiopia

Copper Coin of Ezana, ca. 300-350, Ethiopia

Kuba, Cut Raffia Cloth, late 19th-20th c., DRC

Ndebele, Decorated Homestead, 20th c., South Africa

Esther Mahlangu, with the BMW she was commissioned to paint, 20th c.

Ndebele, Decorated Homestead, 20th c., South Africa.

Artist: Franzina Ndimande

Asante, Golden Stool next to the Asantehene, 1986, Ghana

Great Mosque, Orig 14th c., Rebuilt in 1909, Djenne Mali

Great Mosque, 13th c., Kilwa Kisiwani, Tanzania

Great Mosque (Plan), 9th-11th c., Qairouoan, Tunisia

Benin, Head of an Oba, Ca 1500-1550, Nigeria

Luba, Headrest, by the master of the Cascade Coiffure, DRC, Before 1936

Benin, Ivory Hip Mask, Ca 1520, Nigeria

Kongo, Ivory Horn, Collected before 1553, DRC

Asante, Kente type of textile called Sika Futura ("Gold Dust Aweaneasa"), 19-20th c., Ghana

Kuba, King Kot a-Mbeeky in his royal attire, 1971, DRC

** Eastern Pende, Kipoko Mask, collected before 1946 DRC

**Eastern Pende, Kumbunda Mask, Collected 1939, DRC

Benin, Leopard Vessel, late 16 c., Nigeria

Asante, Linguist Staffs, 20th c., Ghana

Luba, Lukasa Board, 19th c., DRC

Kuba, Mask called Ngady aMwaash, 19th c., DRC

Central Pende, Mbangu Mask, DRC

Kongo (Yombe), Mother & Child Effigy figure, 19th c., DRC

Kongo (Bwende), Niombo Funerary Mannequin, Acquired 1938, DRC

Kongo (Yombe), N'kisi N'kondi Figure, Collected c. 1905, DRC

Benin, Oba Akenzua II (1933-1978) in royal regalia during a royal ceremony, 1964, Nigeria

Our Lady Mary, Apostles, Saint George and Theodore, Panel paintings, 15th c., Ethiopia

Eastern Pende, Pumbu Mask, DRC

Kongo, Royal Hat, Collected before 1674, DRC

Kuba (Bushoong), Royal Ndop Portrait Figure Commemorating Shyaam the Great, late 18th c., DRC

Akan, Soul Washer's Disk, 19th c., Ghana

Kongo, St. Anthony with Christ Child, ca. 19th c., DRC

Stela 3, Aksum, Ethiopia, ca. 325 C.E.