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headquarters: Paris and the South of France

lifespan: 1905-1908

Quote: "Donatello amnong the wild beasts!" (Donatello chez les fauves!) ~ uttered at the Salon d'Automne by an anonymous art critic upon catching sight of an old-fashioned Italianate bust in a room full of Matisses

Central figures: Henri Matisse, Andre Derain, Maurice de Vlaminck, all painters

spiritual fathers: Paul Gaugin, Henri "Le Douanier" Rousseau

Salient features: raw, vibrant-to-strident color within bold black outlines; moderately distorted perspective; an assault on the Frenchman's traditional love of order and harmony that today reads as both joyous and elegant; healthiest metabolism this side of soft-drink commercials

keepers of the flame: None (though Matisse is a big, ongoing, influence on everybody)
headquarters: Milan

Life span: 1909-1918

quotes: "A screaming automobile is more beautiful thatn the 'Victory of Samothrace.'" "Burn the museums!Drain the canals of Venice!" ~Filippo Tommaso Marinetti

Central figures: Marinetti, poet and propagandist; Giacomo Balla and Fino Severini, painters; Umberto Boccioni, sculptor and painter; Antonio Sant'Elia, architect

spirtual father: Georges Seurat

salient features: dynamism, simultaneity, lines of force; vibration and rhythm more important than form; exuberant, optimistic, anarchic, human behavior as art. Had an immediate impact bigger than Cubism's- on constructivism, Dada, and Fascism

keepers of the flame: performance artists (who likewise stress the theatrical and the evanescent)
headquarters: Moscow

life span: 1913-1932

quotes: "Engineers create new forms." ~ VLadimir Tartlin
"Constructivism in the Socialism of vision." ~:aszlo Moholy

Central figures: Tartlin, sculptor and architect; Aleksandr Rodchenko, painter and typographer; El Lissitzky, painter and designer; Naum Gabo and Antoine Pevnser, sculptors

Spiritual fathers: Kaimir Malevich, Lenin, Marinetti

salient features: art as production rather than elitist imaginings, and squarely in the service of the Left; abstract forms wedded to utilitarian simplicity; rivets, celluloid, and airplane wings; the State as a total work of Art

keepers of the gate: None: the State ultimately squashed it
De Stil ("The Style")
headquarters: Amsterdam

life span: 1917-1931

quote: "the square is to us as the cross was to the early Christians." ~ Theo van Doesburg

Central figures: Van Doesburg and Piet Mondrian, painters; Geritt Rietveld and J.J. P. Oud, architects

Spiritual fathers: Kandinsky
Salient features: vertical and horizontal lines and primary colors, applied with a sense of spiritual mission; Calvinist purity, harmony, and sobriety; purest of the abstract movements

Keepers of the flame: Minimalsists
headquarters: Zurich (later Berlin, New York, and Paris)

life span: 1916-1922

quotes: "Like everything in life, Dada is useless."
Anti-art for the anti-art's sake." ~Tristan Tzara

Central figures: Zurich: Tzara, poet and Jean Arp, painter and sculptor. New York and Paris: Marcel Duchamp, artist; Francis Picabia, painter; Man Ray, photographer. Berlin: Max Ernst, George Grosz, Kurt Schwitters

Spiritual father: Marinetti

salient features: anarchic, nihilistic, and disruptive; childhood and chance its two most important sources of inspiration; the name itself of a nonsense, baby-talk word; born of disillusionment, cult of a nonart that it became, in Berlin, overly political

keepers of the flame: Performance artists, "happenings" and assemblages people, conceptualists
headquarters: Paris (later New York)

life span: 1924- WWII

quote: "As beautiful as the chance of meeting on a dissecting table of a sewing machine and an umbrella" ~ Comte du Lautreamont

central figures: Andre Breton, intellectual; Louis Aragon, Paul Eluard, writers; Jean Cocteau, writer and filmmaker; Luis Bunuel, filmaker. Abstract wing: Joan Miro, painter. Explicit wing: Salvador Sali, Yves Tanguay, Max Ernst, Rene Magritte, painters

spiritual father: Sigmund Freud, Giorgio de Chirico, Leon Trotsky

salient features: anti-bourgeois, but without Dada's spontaneity; committed to the omnipotence of the dream and the unconscience; favored associations, juxtapositions, concrete imagery, the more bizarre the better

keepers of the flame: Abstract expressionists, "happenings" people