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What AR covers ASAP?
AR 600-85
What AR covers ACS?
AR 608-1
What AR covers ACES?
AR 621-5
What AR covers Army Learning Centers?
AR 621-6
What AR covers AER?
AR 930-4
What AR covers AFAP?
AR 608-47
What AR covers EO?
AR 600-20
What AR covers American Red Cross?
AR 930-5
What AR covers Army Retention Program?
AR 601-280
What AR covers Army Safety Program?
AR 385-10
What AR covers Sponsorship?
AR 600-8-8
What AR covers CHAMPUS?
AR 40-121
What AR covers NCODP?
AR 350-1
What AR covers Army weight control program?
AR 600-9
What AR covers wear and appearance of military uniforms?
AR 670-1
What AR covers Military Awards?
AR 600-8-22
What AR covers the Chain of Command?
AR 600-20
What AR covers NCOER?
AR 623-3
What DA PAM covers ERS?
DA PAM 623-3
What AR covers Enlisted Promotions and reductions?
AR 600-8-19
What AR covers Leaves and Passes?
AR 600-8-10
What AR covers Military Justice?
AR 27-10
What AR covers the Code of Conduct?
AR 350-30
What AR covers Physical Security?
AR 190-13
What AR covers Army training and Leader Development?
AR 350-1
What AR covers Customs and Courtesies?
AR 600-25
What AR covers Salutes, Honors and Visits of Courtesy?
AR 600-25
What AR Covers Flags?
AR 840-10
What AR covers Army Information Security Program?
AR 380-5
What AR covers Army Material Maintenance Policy?
AR 750-1
What DA PAM covers TAMMS?
DA PAM 750-8
What DA PAM covers Motor Pool Operations?
DA PAM 750-35
What DA PAM covers Leader's Unit Maintenance Handbook?
DA PAM 750-1
What FM covers Physical Fitness Training?
FM 21-20
What FM covers Rifle Markmanship for M16/A2 rifle?
FM 3-22.9
What FM covers Counseling?
FM 6-22
What FM covers Leadership?
FM 6-22
What FM covers NCO Duties?
FM 7-22.7
What FM covers The Law of Land Warfare?
FM 27-10
What FM covers Guard Duty?
FM 22-6
What FM covers Drill and Ceremonies?
FM 3-21.5
What FM covers Battled Focused Training?
FM 7-1
What FM covers Training the Force?
FM 7-0
What FM covers Map Reading/Land NAV?
FM 3-25.26
What FM covers Operational Terms and Graphics?
FM 1-02
What FM covers First Aid?
FM 4-25.11
What FM covers CBRN Defense Operations?
FM 3-11
What FM covers CBRN Protection?
FM 3-11.4
What FM covers CBRN Decontamination?
FM 3-11.5
What FM covers CBRN Handbook?
FM 3-7
What FM covers Unit Field Sanitation Team?
FM 4-25.12
What FM covers Field Sanitation and Hygiene?
FM 21-10
What FM covers Physical Security?
FM 3-19.30
What FM covers Survival?
FM 3-05.70
What FM covers Camouflage, Concealment and Decoys?
FM 20-3
What FM covers Tactical Radios Communications Procedures?
FM 6-02.72
What FM covers Tactical Single Channel Radio Communications Techniques?
FM 24-18