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what fm and adp covers military leadership and counseling?
fm 6- 22 and adp 6- 22
what fm covers drill and ceremony?
fm 3-21.5
what adp covers the army
adp 1
what a r is army programs?
a r 600- 85
what adp is unified land operations?
adp 3-0
what fm is basic rifle marksmanship?
fm 3-22.9
what fm covers physical fitness?
fm 7- 22
what fm is land navigation?
fm 3-25.26
what adp covers offense and defense?
adp 3-90
what fm covers first aid?
fm 4-25.11
what a r covers military justice?
a r 27-10
what adp covers mission command?
adp 6-0
what ar covers wear and appearance?
ar 670-1
what a r covers leaves and passes?
a r 600- 8- 10
what adp covers training units and developing leaders?
adp 7-0
what fm covers gaurd duty?
fm 22- 6
what a r covers awards and decorations
a r 600- 8 -22