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What is the highest wartime award given by the Army?
The Congressional Medal of Honor.
Who awards the Medal of Honor?
The President.
Who is the approving athority for the Medal of Honor?
The United States Congress.
To whom is the Purple Heart given?
To any military or civilian personnel wounded or killed in action against and armed enemy.
What is the highest peace time medal given by the armed services?
The Distinguished Service Medal.
Who makes recommendtions for awards?
Any person having knowledge of an outstanding act of achievement or heroism.
What is meant by "above and beyound the call of duty"?
It includes the acceptance of danger or extraordinary circumstances with praise worthy fortitude and exemplary courage which as a rule is not expected of a person.
What is the highest peacetime award for valor?
The Solodiers Medal.
For what is the Soldier's Medal given?
Heroism not involving actual conflict with voluntary risk to his/her own life to save the life of another.
For what is the Good Conduct Medal given?
For Exemplary Behavior, Effiency and Fidelity.
How often do you receive a Good Conduct Medal?
Every three years.
Who is the approving authority for a GCM?
Company Commander.
What regulation govern awards an decorations?
AR 600-8-22.
What is a DA Form 638 used for?
Recommending/requesting awards
RR awards
What is the difference between an award and a decoration?
A decoration is given to an individual, while and award is given to a unit or individual.
What is the time limit for recommending an award?
Two years
For what is the Army Commendation Medal given?
For service and heroism when the acts do not meet the Soldiers's Medal requirements, for circumstances of a lesser degree than required for the Bronze Star.
Who is the approving authority for the AAM?
Battalion Commander
In what order would you wear these medals ( from highest to lowest)? Good Conduct (GCML), Army Service Ribbon (ASR), Army Commendation Medal (ARCOM),Overseas Medal (OSM), Army Achievement Medal( AAM)?
When can a unit award be worn?
When serving with a unit that received an award or if you were present when the award was won.
Name two U.S. awards that may be given to Army Units?
Presidential Unit Citation, Valorous Unit Award, Joint Meritorious Unit Award and Meritorious Init Commendation.
What are Oak Leaf Clusters, V-Devices and Numbers refered to as?
What is a 'fouragere'?
A rope-like device worn on the arm to signify award of certain foreign decorations.