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The maximum number of people allowed in the armory should be no more than an escort official can effectively control. This number should not exceed _________ personnel


1 supervisor

7 workers

10 visitors

Who is the primary custodian for all weapons radios and ammo assigned to 436 sfs?

NCOIC, armory

When are 100% joint inventories of all weapons ammunition and equipment stored in the armory conducted?

Beginning of each shift prior to relief

How often will the NCOIC of the armory or his or her assistant verify inventories?

As needed

Armory inventories results are annotated on which of the following forms?

Af form 1473

During increased fpcon how often does the armorer conduct communication checks with the SFCC

Every 30 mins

Before allowing visitors in to the armory they must be signed in on which of the following forms?

AF for 1109

The actual number of persons allowed into the armory will be in accordance with the number of authorized on the ?

AF form 2047

Anyone who has had their authority to bear firearms withdrawn may enter the armory


Personnel who require daily or frequent use of firearms will use which of the below forms to draw weapons from the armory?

AF form 629

Who can authorize the withdraw or reinstatement of an authorization to bear firearms?


If it security forces member reports to the Armory for weapons issue and his or her name is not on the duty roster which actions should you take?

Contact the flight chief

Radar unit will only be issued to personnel who are


If any part of the Armory's alarm system is inoperative the armory may be locked up and left unattended


How many copies of the AF form 1297 are completed for personnel temporarily storing there privately owned weapons or ammo in the armory?


Prior to an individual storing his / her privately owned weapons and ammunition in the armory a ____ check is conducted by the SFCC


New weapons can be added to an existing AF form 1314


Who is authorized to notify the NCOIC armory of personnel who do not have the authority to bear firearms?

First sergeant and chief of security forces

Personnel must carry a _____ with them at all times while carrying a concealed firearm

AF form 523

Individuals requesting to draw their POW and POA from the armory must present what to the armorer?

DD form 2, AF form 1314, AF form 1297 for ammo

If an individual wants to remove his /her pow from the armory for a period longer than 72 hours who must he / she obtain written permission from?

Their commander and first sergeant

Pow lockers will be counted and sealed by the on duty armorer immediately after any POW transaction this transaction will be documented _____

In the armory blotter

After the removal of an MWD training aid from the safe the armorer along with the individual removing the aid will do what?

Verify the safe is locked, initial the security container check sheet initial the standard form 702

If an individual removes a pow from the armory for over 72 hours without prior written approval what actions should you take?

Call the individual's first sergeant or the commander and make a blotter entry

Ready personnel must present what to the armorer prior to being armed for a tour of duty?

AF FORM 522 and AF FORM 629

Category 1 firearms are not authorized to be stored in or retained in base housing


Personnel transporting POWs onto the base can I have the weapons

Unloaded and cased

What is the time limit on registering POWs when new personnel arrived on station?

72 hours

What is the time length personnel can have their POWs out for?

72 hours

Neither government or privately owned weapons will be issued to anyone who appears

Intoxicated, drugged, or emotionally upset

If personnel are transiting through Dover Air Force Base and the weapons are not crated in a banded container and need to be stored for an extended period of time who must be contacted for assistance?

436 supply

When will the armorer do additional inventory of all weapons ammunition and equipment?

After weapons firing and after an exercise