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The ratio of min to max signal amplitude that can be applied to a device without producing distortion is called

Dynamic range

The attenuation for soft tissue is

Increase with tissue thickness

The speed of ultrasound in the AIUM test object is equivalent to

The speed in soft tissue

Which quantity is unitless?

Q factor

The speed at which ultrasound propagates within a medium depends primarily on

The compressibility of the medium

Ultrasound waves in tissue are referred to as

Longitudinal compression waves

The intensity of a focused beam is generally

Highest at the focal zone

The first vertical deflection on the a mode that corresponds to the transducer face is called

Main bang

Acoustic impedance is

The density of tissue times the speed of sound in tissue

The mirror image artifact is commonly seen around which of the following structures?


Detecting flow and a color flow imaging system depends on the detection of

Changes in echo signal

Real-time ultrasound transducers can be classified as

Phased, linear, annular, and vector

When a sound wave strikes a boundary between two tissues with a normal incidence, what other condition must be present in order for reflection to occur?

A difference and acoustical impedance

What does the arrow in Figure 1 - 54.2?

Far gain

Shadowing occurs with

Highly attenuating structures

Which of the following cannot be checked when the test object is scan from the top only?

Lateral resolution

Longitudinal or axial resolution is directly dependent on

Spatial pulse length

Select the least likely cause or causes for a Split Image artifact

Gas bubble

The ratio of the largest power to the smallest power that the ultrasound system can handle is the

Dynamic range

What is the distinction between real-time skins and B scans?

No distinction, real-time skins are B scans