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What was the date of the Enabling Act ?

23rd of March 1933

When did the Weimar Republic begin and end ?

Began in 1918 and ended in 1933

Why was the Weimar Republic restricted to what it could do to help Germany ?

Kaiser's advisers had stayed in their positions so didn't agree with the Weimar Republic's plans

When did the first free elections of the Weimar Republic take place and who won the election ?

In January 1919, and Elbert had won

What was the Kapp Putsch ?

Dr Wolfgang Kapp led 5,000 Freikorps into Berlin for a rebellion against the Weimar Republic

True or false, the Freikorps were a communist group


Name the 2 Spartacists leaders

-Karl Kiebkneckt

-Rosa Luxemburg

In what year did Hitler pick up ideas such as hared for the Jews ?

Around 1907

What happened to Hitler in 1921?

He became leader of the Nazi Party

When did the Munich Putsch happen, and why ?

In November 1923, and because he thought he could return Germany back to its previous greater-self

How many people were unemployed in Germany in 1932?

Around 6 million

What did a system of proportional representation mean for the Reichstag in Germany ?

It meant that smaller parties had seats in the Reichstag, and without a majority vote, the bigger parties would have to form a coalition in order to make the majority

Who was head of Nazi propaganda ?

Joseph Gobbles

How many people were unemployed before the Wall Street Crash ?

Around 1.5 million people

What was Article 48 ?

It gave the President the power to rule with his own rules

BEtween March 1930 and May 1932, who was Chancellor of Germany and why was he unpopular ?

It was Henrich Bruning and he had very unpopular economic policies

In 1930, how many times was the Presidential decree used and the Reichstag laws were set ?

5 times for Presidential decree and 98 for Reichstag laws

True or false, in 1932, the Presidential decree was used 65 times and the Reichstag laws were used 5 times

Partly false, it was 66 times.

What was the economic crisis that helped Hitler come to power ?

The Wall Street Crash

Name 2 ways at which Hitler promised to solve the Depression

-Destroy groups that were 'back-stabbing' Germany, such as the Jews

-Reduce unemployment

When did Hidenburg appoint Franz Von Papen as Chancellor ?

May 1932

When did Hidenburg make Hitler Chancellor, but what did he do in order to try and control him ?

It was in January 1933, and he restricted the amount of Nazis in his cabinet to 2, and made Von Papen vice-Chancellor

How many seats did the Nazis have in the Reichstag in September 1930 ?

107 seats

How many seats did the Nazis have in the Reichstag in November 1932 ?

196 seats

In what month did the Nazi Party have the highest amounts of seats, but not enough to secure a majority ?

July 1932

When did Hitler run for President and what was the result of the voting outcome ?

It was in February to March 1932, and he lost to Hidenburg, 13 million to 19 million votes

What happened on the night of the 27th of February 1933 ?

The Reichstag Fire

On the day after the Reichstag Fire, what happened between Hidenburg and Hitler ?

Hitler got Hidenburg to give him sweeping power by using Article 48

What was the Enabling Act?

It gave Hitler the power to make his own laws without having to consult the Reichstag

What was the act that turned Germany from a democracy to a dictatorship ?

The Enabling Act

Who was arrested and blame for the Reichstag Fire ?

Dutch communist, van der Lubbe

How did Hitler get rid of political opponents?

Created a law that meant there was only one party that the Germans could vote for - The Nazi Party

When did President Hindenburg die ?

2nd of August 1934

Why did Hitler not try to overthrow Hindenburg ?

Hidenburg was a war hero so Hitler knew the public wouldn't support him if Hindenburg was unrighteously removed from his position

On the day of Hidenburg's death, what did the German Army do ?

They swore an personal oath of loyalty to Hitler. They agreed to stay out of politics as Hitler promised them extra funding

Name 2 main Nazi men who were killed on the Night of the Long Knives

Rohm and von Schleicher

What was Hitler's motive behind the Night of the Long Knives ?

He saw that people like Rohm could challenge his leadership (due to him controlling the SA), as he was told they were planning to overthrow him

When did the Night of the Long Knives happen ?

Over the 29th to the 30th of June 1934

What was the name of Hitler's personal bodyguard ?

The SS

What did Hindenburg say to Hitler when he heard about Hitler's success of the Night of the Long Knives ?

"You have nipped treason in the bud"

What was formed in 1925 ?

The SS

What were the 2 most important sub-units of the SS ?

The Deathheads and Waffen-SS

Name the 4 methods of law and order that enabled Hitler to control the masses



-Police and the courts

-Concentration Camps

What were the Gestapo, and where did they first operate?

They were secret state police, and first operated in Prussia

True or false, the concentration camps were the most feared method of law and order by the German public

False, they feared the Gestapo the most

Who was the Nazi's minister of Propaganda and Enlightenment ?

Joseph Goebbels

What were the main topics used in Nazi propaganda ?

-Blaming the Jews

-Making Germany great once again

-Critizing the Treaty of Versaille

Where did the Nazis hold a huge rally each year ?


How many books were burnt in Berlin 1933, and why did this happen ?

Around 2000 books, and because they were written by Jewish authors or were about the Jews

Why was jazz music banned in Germany ?

Because it originated from Black Americans

True or false, writers were able to write books and plays about anything they wanted in Nazi Germany ?

False, they were forced to write plays which praised Hitler and the Nazis

What happened to companies that published stories that hadn't been allowed by Goebbels ?

They were shut down

True or false, Goebbels watched every film before, if so why ?

True and to ensure that they showed the Nazi's in a good way

Why did the Nazis hold these huge rallies ?

To celebrate Hitler's greatness

How did the Nazis use propaganda to show Hitler in 2 very different ways ?

-Presented him as a caring leader by having pictures with small children and dogs

-Presented him showing that he had the skills to lead Germany and make them powerful once again

True or false, you could listen to foreign radio stations in Germany

False, they were banned and difficult to tune in due to the waveband used by German stations

How many writers were eventually banned by the Nazis ?

Over 2500 writers were banned

Define indoctrination

Brainwashing people to believe your ideas

Name 2 methods of indoctrination used by the Nazis on children

-Children had to be registered in order to rove that they were pure Aryan race

-Children had to pledge their allegiance to Hitler

-Had Nazi teachers

-Changed traditional fairytales in order to show Nazi beliefs as a good thing

True or false, they was a list which parents had to pick from to name their child

True, only certain names were allowed

What is the study of Eugenics ?

Study of how to improve the German race by selective breeding

What were boys primarily taught in school ?

They were taught military skills in order for them to be ready for war once they were old enough to join the fight

By changing the education in Germany to be all about the Nazis, what effect did it have on children ?

They didn't know any different so it came as natural for them to learn these things. The things they had been taught were 'facts' to them.

Describe 2 accusations against the Church during the Nazi's reign

-Didn't fight against the Nazis enough

-German church leaders remained silent

-Nobody had a moral or political response to Nazi genocide

-Holocaust will haunt Christian Churches for a long time

When did Hitler sign the Concordat ?

July 1933

What did the Concordat do for the Nazis ?

Ensured Hitler would be left alone and the Church wouldn't interfere with politics. Hitler also got full control over the schools.

What was the Reich Church ?

It was Hitler's attempt at trying to get all protestant churches to unite under one banner

What was the alternative religion that Hitler encouraged people to follow ?

German Faith Movement

Why was it important for Hitler to get the Churches on his side and to not oppose him ?

THere was lots of supporters for the church so if people had rebelled against Hitler, it would've been a big problem

What were the 4 main opposition groups ?

-Operation Valkyrie

-Kreisau Circle

-Edelweiss Pirates

-The White Rose Movement

When did Operation Valkyrie occur ?

July 1944

True or false, did the Edelwiess Pirates have a significant effect on the Nazi Reign, and why ?

False, didn't do anything effective as they were only children. Did try and help some people like soldiers who had ran away and they did kill a Gestapo chief in 1944

When did the 4 year plan get released and what did it aim to do ?

In 1936, and it aimed to get Germany's economy in shape and ready for war

What did all workers join on the 2nd of May 1933 and who run it ?

Joined the DAF (German Labour Front) and it was run by Dr Robert Lay

When was the Reich Food Estate set up, and what was it purpose ?

In September 1933, and it was set up in order to buy all argricultural produce from farmers across Germany. This guaranteed farmers would be able to sell all their produce

What is 'Blood and soil' a belief of ?

That peasant farmers were the basis of Germany's master race

Define Volksgemienschaft

Hitler wanted all Germans to think of themselves as part of a national community

What was beauty of labour?

A scheme to improve working conditions

What did the Olympic Games in 1936 boost and reduce ?

Boosted national pride and reduced unemployment

What were the Nazi attitudes towards women summed up as ? (In German or English)

Kinder, kircher and kucher

(Children, church and kitchen)

Name a famous German who emigrated to the USA

Albert Einstien

When did the most productive mothers receive their medals ?

On Hitler's mother's birthday

Who were racially approved Aryan women matched with ?

SS men

Name 4 minority groups




-Black people

-Physically disabled

-Mentally ill

What were the 2 things stated in the Nuremburg Laws

-No marriages between Jews and Aryans, and no sexual relations outside of marriage

-Jews were made into subjects rather than citizens

When did Kristallnacht happen ?

9th of November 1938

How many Jewish arrests happened in March 1939 ?

Around 30,000 Jewish men and boys were sent to concentration camps

What law was passed in July 1933, that included the Jews ?

All undesirable groups had to undergo compulsory sterilisation

True or false, rationing started in Germany immediately after war had started ?


What are the 3 phases of war ?

Success - between 1939 and 1941, blitzkrieg tactics defeated

Turning point - Germany invaded USSR means forces became stretched. Defeat in Stalingrad

Defeat - Allied invasion of Europe, mass bombing

What did the German public do to help the Russian invasion ?

They donated 1.5 million fur coats

True or false, during the war good and bad war news was reported ?

False, only good news was reported

What bombing happened in February 1945 ?

Allied bombing of Dreden. Killed 35,000 to 150,000 in 2 days.

How did the allies encourage the German public to overthrow Hitler ?

Bombarded cities with leaflets