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zora neale hearston
harlem rennaissance writer, female,
fireside chats
designed to assure ppl to keep $ in banks, returned confidence to people
committee for industrial organization (CIO)
headed by john lewis, conflicted with knights of labor, broke off with afl in 1938
american liberty league
formed by wealthy repubs and dems during 1936 presidential election, FOUGHT THE NEW DEAL on basis it was socialist
second recession
by 1937, economy hit another turn know as Roosevelt's recession
emergency banking relief act of 1933
president could regulate banking transactions and foreign exchange to reopen banks
glass-steagall banking reform act
provided for federal deposit corporation, insured individual deposits (up to $5,000), ENDED EPIDEMIC OF BANK FAILURES
civilian conservation corps (CCC)
most popular of new deal, employed 3 mill young men, work in reforestation, firefighting, natural things
federal emergency relief act (fera)
attempt to deal with millions of unuemployed adults, gave $3 billion to STATES to create jobs/give direct payments
agricultural adjustment act (AAA)
made millions of dollars available to help farmers meed mortgages
civil works administration
1933, hopkins, branch of fera, designed to provide TEMPORARY jobs during winter (i.e. leaf raking)
harry l. hopkins
headed the FERA
works progress administration
launched under hopkins, spent $11 billion on bridges, 1935, bulidings and roads, provided PART TIME JOBS for WHITE COLLAR WORKERS, employment on useful projects
national recovery administration (NRA)
to assist industry, labor and the unemployed, codes of "fair competition," placed a ceiling on maximum hours, more equal wages, LABOR COULD UNIONIZE, no child labor, shut down by supreme court
securities and exchange commission (SEC)
watchdog of stockmarket
tennessee valley authority (tva)
1933, to lower public utility costs, headed by george norris, to determine how much production and distribution of electricity cost
federal housing administration (FHA)
1934, to stimulate BUILDING INDUSTRY, small loans to householders to improve homes
social securities act
1935, federal state unemployment insurance. retired workers receive regular payments
republican nomination in 1936
alfred lahon of kansas
republian platform of 1936
promised million of dollars of relief benefit, condemned the "deficit spending" fdr
tehran conference
potsdam conference
japan must surrender or be destroyed
claude mckay
harlem rennaissance