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babson break

Roger Babson warned that the stock market was headed for a crash. Stock market reacted and fell for one day

unemployment rate in 1932


Black Tuesday

single worst day in the history fo the stock exchange

poverty line in the 1930s

$2000 per year

Hoover's strategy for fixing the economy

asking businesses and farmers to voluntarily keep prices and wages up while removing excess crops; ultimately failed

Smoot-Hawley Tariff

raised cost of imported goods, but other countries did the same and basically destroyed international trade

Bonus Army

protest movement of WWI veterans in 1932 demanding early payment of service bonuses

New Deal

programs and legislation developed during FDR's administration aimed at ending the Great Depression

Bank HOliday

closing all banking before more banks could get into trouble

run on a bank

large number of withdrawals

fireside chats

FDR's speeches broadcast over the radio used as morale booster and explaining complex issues and programs in the colloquial

Emergency Banking Act

some banks were deemed safe to open after the shutdown, the rest were permanently liquidated

Glass-Steagall Act

created the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, guaranteeing bank deposits and separating commercial and investment banking

Brain Trust's main idea on fixing the depression

raise farm income and industrial wages so more Americans could buy more of what hte nation could produce

Volstead Act

legalize and tax beer

Civilian Conservation Corp

new deal agency where young men worked in rural camps planting forests and stuff

Agricultural Adjustment Act

shore up farm prices

Black Sunday

storm in the midwest that took 300000 tons of soil from the Great Plains and deposited it somewhere else


when people left hte midwest, many went to california, and everyone assumed they were from oklahoma; derogatory term

Works Progress Administration

artists and actors and stuff were given government-funded arts jobs to keep morale up