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Pancho Villa
Mexican crusador who killed Americans in hopes of spurring a war between Canenza & Wilson
Woodrow Wilson
Democrat sponsored governor of New Jersey (1910), won the presidency in 1912, sponsored the "New Freedom"
France, Britain, Russia, Japan, Italy
New Nationalism
Under TR. Called for a consolidation of trusts/labor unions, powerful regulatory agencies, social reform, suffrage
Federal Reserve Act
1913-Fed. Reserve Board oversees a system of 12 regional backs, all owned privately, but with the final control owned by the Board. Fed. Reserve Notes could also be printed.
16th Ammendment
Allowed Congress to authorize an income tax
Clayton Act
Expanded Sherman Anti-Trust Act to include discrimination and interlocking dictorates (directors on competing firms)
British steamer off the coast of Ireland carrying 128 Americans (et al) and ammunition for the Br., sunk by German u-boat
Egune Debs
Socialist candidate for the presidency
Central Powers
Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey, Bulgaria
French steamer sunk by U-Boats prompted Wilson to threat the discontinuation of diplomatic relations with Germany
Federal Trade Commission
1914-commission regulates interstate commerce, control monopoly at the source: unfair trade practices, unlawful competition, false advertisement, mislabeling, adulteration, and bribery
Underwood Tariff
Reduced import fees
New Freedom
Under Wilson; small enterprise, small euntrepaneurship, and an unmonopolized and unregulated market
Bull Moose
Icon for TR's Progressive Republican Party