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Southern Brazil

Was a major destination for Europeans

Portugal and west africa

Make up most of Brazil's population

Most of conflict in Sudan is due to

Ethnic diversity

Subean policy against Bosnian Muslims lead to

An increase in their territory and also got rid of Bosnian villages (ethnic cleansing example)

Majority of Muslim population is in

Iraq are Arab Shiites

The Taliban are members of the

Pashtun ethnicity

Most of the Lebanon was controlled by

Syria until it was forced to withdraw in 2005

African Americans moved out of the South in part due to increased use of

Machinery on the farm

South Africa elected their first black president in

The 1990s

The Kurds have a large population but

Are spread among many countries to where they are a minority in each one

Centripital forces in the US example

The national anthem being sung at events, learning about government/civics, the flag flying

Yugoslvian nationality was constructed by

A authoritarian rugene

Serbian ethnic cleansing in Kosovo lead to a

NATO bombing campaign

Areal photography of the Balkans was vital in

Providing evidence to acuse Serbian leaders of war crimes

Brazil's census organizes

The population based off of skin color

Hutus and the Tutsi's conflict was closely related

To geneside that occurred in the country Rwanda

As the civil war in Sudan started to end,

An ethnic war began in the region of Darfur

Brown vs board =

Overturns plessy vs Ferguson

Plessy vs Ferguson =

Separate but equal

The largest # of the Asian Americans

Come from china