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Where was the Mynoan civilization?

Crete, Greece

Where would you find ancient Israel information?

The old testament

Chinese political system that relied on strict laws/punishment


Only domesticated beast of burden in Andian region


First writing system in China was written on what?

Animal bones, torture shells

Where was the cradle of humanity?


What was the significant difference between catalhuyuk and Jericho?

Catalhuyuk had doors on roofs

An empire using common ceremonies of court to show _________?


Early inhabitants of East Madagascar came from

SE Asia

Well planned Urban capital of Han dynasty


In Greek democracy, who participated?

Landowning free men citizens

3 great Greek classical philosophers

Aristotle, Plato, Socrates

What happened to Alexander the Great's empire after he died?

Broke into 3 weak ruled kingdoms

What is buried with Xihuangdi?

Terracotta soldiers

Mycenean Greek writing is called what?

Linear B

According to confusa, the fundamental element of society.


Carthage was founded by people migrating from....


Greece was organized into city states called...


Who founded Buddhism?

Siddhartha Guatama

What is 4 noble truths?

All life is suffering and suffering is what you deserve

Agricultural evolution occurred in what era?

Neolithic era

What is culture?

Learned patterns or expression and action

Travel between continents in early human diaspora was accomplished by

Walking across land bridges

The earliest representation of cave art was

Southeastern France

The earliest transition to agriculture was in

The middle east

The earliest historically documented people of Mesopotamia were the


In Mesopotamian cities, the temples

Housed the cult of the deity or deities

What motivated Mesopotamian conquests of far-reaching territories?

The need for vital resources

What does anthropomorphic gods mean?

We're humanize in for and conduct

The abundence of amulets in Mesopotamia suggests

The belief in the value of magic

The Mesopotamian writing system is called


Egyptians viewed the universe as an orderly and beneficent place because

Their environment was largely stable and predictable, unlike Mesopotamia

Fundamental concepts of Egyptian religion were based on

The vision of a cosmic order that the physical environment of the Nile Valley evoked.

Egyptian kingship and religion were closely intertwined because it was believed that...

The pharaoh was the living Horus and son of Re

The makers of the "giant head" were part of what civilization


By 300 B.C.E, Celtic people were found in what regions

Hungary, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Britain, France, Spain, and Ireland

How did Nubia become a "corridor by 3000 B.C.E.

It connected Sub-Saharan Africa with North Africa

The later Eastern Zhou period is characterized by

Warfare and fragmentation of central order

Main cities of early Indian civilization were

Harappa and Mohenjo-Darl

Loess was

A rich dust blown in from Central Asia

The late bronze age in the middle east was a cosmopolitan era because

Elements of culture were widely shared

The era of the new kingdom in Egypt is characterized by restoration of Egyptian rule and

Expansión north into Syria and south into nubia.