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Pope's Rebellion
Who: Pueblo Indians
What: Attacked Spanish settlers and burned Catholic churches and killed priests
When: 1860
Where: New Mexico
Why: Caused weak Spanish presence in Northern Mexico
Stono's Rebellion
Who: Slaves
What: Band of slaves killed about 45 whites
When: 1739
Where: South Carolina
Why: Largest slave uprising before the civil war
Bacon's Rebellion
Who: Poor whites and blacks
What: Protested against Native Attacks
When: 1676
Where: Virginia
Why: First uprising in the colonies
Shays's Rebellion
Who: Poor farmers
What: Many back country farmers were losing their homes through foreclosure
When: 1786
Where: Massachusettes
Why: People became scared of the federal government and a "mobocracy"
Whiskey Rebellion
Who: Moonshiners
What: Rebelled against the excise tax, Washington sent militia to supress
When: 1794
Where: Pennsylvania
Why: showed strength of federal government