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The First Discoverers of America
Siberians from Eurasia crossed through the Bering Strait to North America.
The First Discoverers of America
Nomadic Asian hunters following migratory herds of game.
End of Ice Age
The ice melted and covered the land bridge, thus hindering immigration to further occur and isolating the first people of America.
The Big "Surprise"
The Europeans were NOT the first ones who discovered the New World.
First People of the New World
Incas in Peru, Mayans in Central America, and Aztecs in Mexico developed very sophisticated civilizations.
How It Was Like
They fed their people mainly maize. Even though they weren't advance in technology (such as horses, oxen, etc.), these peoples established cities and commerce that are way ahead of their time.
How They Survived
The Native Americans were really handy in agriculture. They grew tons of crops (especially corn).
The Power of the Corn
Turned nomads into people living a sedentary lifestyle and fed a buttload of Native Americans in the New World.
The Lifestyle
Women were in charge of the crops, while the men were out hunting. Both genders received the same amount of responsibility, instead of belittling the women.
The Creative Way of Hunting
The Natives would set fires to acres of trees to drive the animals into "bow range."
Indirect Discoveres of the New World
Scandinavians landed somewhere in present-day Canada. They didn't last, though.
Indirect Discoveres of the New World
The Christian crusaders liked the "exotic delights" of Asia, and got the Europeans wanting them too, just like the way Marco Polo did.
Marco Polo
Wrote a book about how beautiful and filled with exotic delights China was, which led to the Europeans wanting a better way to get to them goods.
Earlier Explorations Rendered Vain
Many Eurpeans have tried to find a way to Asia without having to deal with the Arabs and their damned high prices. The Portuguese mapped the African coast, but all they gained from it were the slave practices.
More Explorations
Bartholomeu Dias - tip of Africa
Vasco da Gama - India
Ponce de Leon - Florida
Giovanni da Verrazano - North America
John Cabot - northeastern coast of North America
and tons more...