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to fit
caber (quepo)
to fall
caer (caigo)
to know
conocer (conozco)
to hate
aborrecer (aborrezco)
to thank
to appear
aparecer (aparezco)
to lack
carecer (carezco)
to grow
crecer (crezco)
to disappear
desaparecer (desaparezco)
to be unaware of
desconcer (desconozco)
to establish
establecer (establezco)
to shudder
estremecerse (se estremezco)
to deserve
merecer (merezco)
to be born
to obey
obedecer (obedezco)
to offer
ofrecer (ofrezco)
to seem
parecer (parezco)
to remain
permanecer (permanezco)
to belong
pertenecer (pertenezco)
to recognize
reconocer (reconezco)
to give
dar (doy)
to do/make
hacer (hago)
to undo
deshacer (deshago)
to satisfy
satisfacer (satisfago)
to put/ to set
poner (pongo)
to compose
componer (compongo)
to dispose
disponer (dispongo)
to expose
exponer (expongo)
to impose
imponer (impongo)
to oppose
oponer(se) (opongo)
tp propose
proponer (propongo)
to know
saber (se)
to go out
salir (salgo)
to translate
traducir (traduzco)
to conduct/ to lead
conducir (conduzco)
to produce
producir (produzco)
to reduce
reducir (reduzco)
to bring
traer (traigo)
to attach
atraer (atraigo)
to be worth
valer (valgo)
to see
ver (veo)
to say
decir (digo)
to be
estar (estoy)
to have
haber (he has ha)
to go
ir (voy vas va)
to hear
oir (oigo)
to be
ser (soy, eres, es)
to have
tener (tengo)
to contain
contener (contengo)
to deatin
detener (detengo)
to maintain
mantener (mantengo)
to obtain
obtener (obtengo)
to sustain
sostener (sostengo)
How longhave you been working?

began past continues in present
cunato tiempo hace que Ud. trabaja
i have been living here for a year
hance un ano que vivo aqui
i have been living here for a year

past action continues in present
vivo aqui desde hace un ano
how long have you been working?
desde cuando trabaja ud?