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Dr. David Livingston
first white man to do humanitarian/religoius work in south/central Africa
HM Stanley
found livingston, newspaper reports spurred interest in Africa
King of Belgium: Congo
White Man's Burden
military conquest, educate people, social darwinism
Rudyard Kipling
Rudyard Kipling
White Man's Burden
Berlin Conference

established rules for European division of Africa
no imperial power can claim territory unless it controlled it
slavery and slave trade in Africa terminated
Leopold II
Belgian King
Congo playground
cut peoples hands off
Battle of Omdurman
1898 General Horatio defeated Sudanese tribesmen and killed 11,000 with machine guns
28 brits dead
Fashoda Incident
France and Britain almost at war over Sudan
Boer Wars
Boer: descendent of Dutch setteler
Britain wanted Cape to Cairo (Cecil Rhodes)
Kruger Telegram pissed off
Cicil Rhodes
PM of Cape Colony in S. Africa
Cape to Cairo dream
Kruger Telegram
Kaiser Wilheml II congratulated Boers for defeating British without German help
isses off England, they redouble efforts
Opium Wars
Britain pays chinese with opium, result is wars from 1839-1841
Brits obviously win
Ended with Treaty of Nanking

2nd: 1856-1860 China opened ports to British and French, forced to trade
Treaty of Nanking
ended Opium Wars
Hong Kong given to bBrits
4 more ports
British not subjected to Chinese law in China
Sino-Japanese War
1894-1895 Japanese gets Taiwan
vs China
wants to prove itself
British East India Company
given control of India in 1763
Robert Clive controlls all by 1848
Sepoy Mutiny
1858 Brits control India entirely, improve it
Sepoy Mutiny
1857-1858 insurrectoin of Hindu and Muslim soldiers in British army, crushed.
animal fat, sacrilege
France owns
Boxer Rebellion
1900 patriotic rebellion of Chinese nationalist against Westerners
Machu Dynasty fell
Das Kapital
Karl Marx
quest for markets leads to conquest
Russo-Japanese War
competition for Manchuria
defeat Russia West stunned
Treaty of Portsmouth
TR did it
Japans wins Korea
Russia loses Manchuria