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What percentage of population did Jewish people make up in Germany?
one percent
What was the oldest culture on western Europe...how old?
Jewish- 5,000yrs
Jewish religion was responsible for the creation of...
Why were their views different?
Didnt believe christ was the messaih
What were they blamed for?
The death of christ
Who sent them all over the world?
The romans-not many countries wanted them
When did they rebell against the Romans?
In the siege of Masada- they committed suicude befor ehtey could take it. 3 religions clashed in Israel
Where were they sent in the middle ages?
Land Laws caused what for the Jewish?
They couldnt own land and were not farmers...thus they owned shops. Hence the "they own everything"- cottage industry
Anti-semitism- explain the origin
Language based, Semetic is an Arabic language
"The Protocols"
Said there was an international conspiracy that the Jewish were going to take over the world
in the 19th and 20th century, race studies...result?
Lebensborn-racial molding with SS officers: all in Mein Kampf
Goebbles said
if you are going to tell a lie...make it a big lie
Jewish were said to be responsible for what?
Treaty of Versailles, wwi, wwii, great depression
Herman Goerring
sot planes in wwi, rose to 2nd in command after joining on 1921, head of airfore, drug addict, killed himself
Heinrich Himler
lord of the SS, caught trying to hide as a civilian
Reinhard Heydrich
SD, Gastapo, liked women and was part jewish, ruthless-wanted to send them to madagascar. had records of everyone
Final Solution was...discussed where?
The elimination of the Jewish, Wansee conference,
Rudolf Hess
helped Hitler with Meirn Kampfand signed laws issued agains the Nazis: Nuremburg laws and prisoners by the British. Found guilty at Nuremburg
Joseph Goebbles
most loyal aid
minister of propoganda
great speaker
poisoned children and themselves
Adolf Eichman
Officer of Jewish Affairs, skull on hat, responsible for rounding up all jews and sending them off, tried and hung in israel
Julius Streicher
former teacher, liked inflicting pain, portrayed jews as perverts in newspapers, found guilty and hung
Albert Speer
moved slave labor, only one who idd not admitt it