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Plasma is ______ while formed elements are _______.

the liquid portion of the blood; the cells

Which of the following functions is associated with the blood?

delivery of oxygen to tissue cells


is the liquid matrix of the blood.

The plasma component that forms fibrin, the insoluble protein, in a blood clot is...


The only formed elements that possess a nucleus when mature are the...


Which of the following is (are) associated with decreased hematopoiesis?

both vitamin B12 deficiency and iron deficiency anemia

Mature erthrocytes

contain hemoglobin in their cytoplasm.

An increase in hemoglobin increases...

the ability of the blood to carry oxygen to various tissues.

The oxygenated form of hemoglobin is called...


The condition characterized by overproduction of erythrocytes is called...


Which of the following is mismatched?

pernicious anemia - loss of blood from the body

Mr. Smith moved from a low altitude to a high altitude and experienced an increase in RBCs. Which of the following caused this increase?

the lower oxygen concentration seen at higher altitudes

In adults, red blood cells are made in one place, spend most of their lifespan in another, and most are finally destroyed in yet another place. Which choice lists these locations in the correct chronological order?

bone marrow; blood vessels; spleen

The ability of white blood cells to leave the circulation and enter tissues is called...



All of these choices are correct.

Which of the following events is one of the three main stages of coagulation?

conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin


is a potent anticoagulant.

Healing after clot formation involves...

All of these choices are correct.

Aggiutination of red blood cells means...

they clump together.

A person with a type O blood should receive a blood transfusion from a donor with...

type O blood

RhoGam injections are given to...

prevent sensitization of the mother.

In which of the following situations might Rh incompatibility develop?

Mother is Rh negative; fetus is Rh postive

In hemolytic disease of the newborn,

antibodies from the mother cross the placenta and affect the fetus.

E.Z. Goen is admitted to the cardiac unit with a diagnosis of endocarditis. When E.Z. asks the nurse where the infection is located, the nurse replies that the infection is in...

the inner lining of the heart.

Another name for the visceral pericardium is the...


A stab wound into the heart can result in cardiac tamponade. This means that...

the heart is compressed by blood in the pericardial sac.

The function of the pericardial fluid is to...

reduce friction between the pericardial membranes.

The great cardiac vein and middle cardiac vein empty into a venous cavity called the...

coronary sinus

The right side of the heart acts as a pump for the...

pulmonary circulation

Coronary artery disease can diminish myocardial blood flow resulting in the death of myocardial cells. This condition is known as a myocardial...


The procedure whereby a small balloon is placed into a partially occluded coronary artery and then inflated to increase blood flow through the artery is called a(n)...


The A V valve that is located on the same side of the heart as the origin of the aorta is the...

bicuspid or mitral valve

Contraction of the papillary muscles would

prevent the AV valves from protruding into the atria.

These vessels empty blood into the left atrium.

pulmonary veins

An incompetent pulmonary senilunar valve could result in less blood reaching the...


The "pacemaker" of the heart is the...

SA node

Which of the following sequences is correct?

SA node, AV node, AV bundle, bundle branches, Purkinje fibers

Energy for contraction of myocardial cells comes primarily from...

aerobic respiration in the mitochondria

If the SA node is nonfunctional, which of the following is most likely to occur?

Another portion of the heart will become the pacemaker

As soon as left ventricular pressure exceeds the pressure in the aorta, the...

aortic semilunar valve opens.

The first and second heart sounds are most directly related to...

vibrations that occur when the valves close.

Which of the following will increase the heart rate?

an increase in the level of carbon dioxide in the blood.

The cardioregulatory center of the brain is the...

medulla oblongata

Aortic stenosis results from...

a narrowed opening through the aortic valve.

What is the order of the blood vessels that a red blood cell would pass through as the blood leaves the heart, travels to a tissue, and then returns to the heart?

artery, arteriole, capillary venule, vein

Which of the following enhances the exchange between capillary walls and the interstitial spaces:

the thinness of the capillary wall

Which coat of an artery contains endothelium?

tunica intima

When contrasting arteries and veins, which of the following statements is true?

Arteries have a thicker tunica media than veins.

The vasa vasonum

are special capillaries that supply nutrients to the walls of arteries and veins.

Arteriosclerosis is characterized by...

thickening of the tunica intima and loss of elastically in the tunica media.

A thrombus in the first branch (not including coronary arteries) off of the aortic arch might affect the flow of blood to which of the following structures?

both the right arm and the right side of the brain

The abdominal aorta divides a LS to form the two...

common iliac arteries

The hepatic portal system

All of these choices are correct.

The exchange of nutrients and gases between the blood and tissue cells is the primary function of...


Which of the following is likely to occur during vigorous exercise?

all of these

The average life of an erythrocyte is:

Four months

The ability of arteries to constrict or dilate as needed is the result of smooth muscle cells in the...

tunica media

Which of the following statement concerning blood vessel walls is true?

The tunica media is primarily smooth muscle.

The blood vessels that are under the greatest pressure are the...

large arteries

Which of the following best describes arteries?

strong, elastic vessels that carry blood under high pressure

Valves similar to semilunar valves are found in...


When contrasting arteries and veins, which of the following statements is true?

Arteries have a greater amount of smooth muscle than veins.

When a person develops a sore throat, white blood cells are drawn to the area of infection in a process called...


Aspirin inhibits platelet plug formation by...

interfering with the synthesis of prostagiandins.

Which of the following arteries branches directly from the aortic arch?


A thrombus in the second branch off of the aortic arch would effect the flow of blood to the...

left side of the head and neck

Tracking the blood from the heart to the right hand, we find that blood leaves the heart and passes through the ascending aorta, aortic arch, right subclavin artery, the axillary and brachial arteries, and through either the radial or ulnar arteries and palmar arches to arrive at the hand. Which artery is missing from the sequence?


The three major arteries of the upper limb that form a continuum are the...

subclavian, axillary, and brachial arteries.

Which of the following arteries would a red blood cell pass through on its passage from the left ventricle to the brain?

internal carotid artery

An obstruction in the inferior vena cava would hamper the return of blood from the...

abdomen, pelvis, and lower limbs.

The internal jugular veins join the subclavian veins to form the...

brachiocephalic veins

A portal system is a unique vascular system that...

begins and ends with capillaries.


The "nervous" heart


Slow heart beat


Inflammation of a vein


Bulging of an artery


Blood clot


Rapid heart beat

Angina pectoris

Referred pain from the heart




Plaques in the arteries


Damage and death of an area of the heart

Which of the following listed is pierced thirdly by the point of a pin entering the body from the outside?

Visceral pericardium

Which one of the following structures listed is passed thirdly by a drop of blood

Left ventricle

The abnormal condition where the cusps of valves do not form a tight seal when they are closed is known as:


Rapid uncoordinated contraction of the heart is known as:


Which one of the following is not true of a myocardial infraction?

Muscle cells will regenerate to repair the damaged area

The formation of a clot requires the conversion of:

Prothrombin to thrombin

As the amount of adipose tissue increases, the volume of blood per unit of body weight:


The average life of an erythrocyte is:

Four months

The disease resulting from a inadequate production of erythrocytes due to destruction of red bone marrow is known as:

Aplastic anemia

Which one of the following is pierced thirdly by the point of a pin entering the body from the outside?


A slower than normal rate of contraction where the heart drops below 60 beats per minute is known as:


The engulfment of foreign organisms by certain types of blood cells is known as:


The cell that disposes of old damaged erythrocytes are the:


Which tunic of the artery contains an endothelium?

Tunica interna

Baron von Quacko, famous tag-team heavyweight wrestler has a famous "sleeper hold" that he uses on opponents. Using only a single digit on each hand, he presses on his opponents neck (while he has them in a full nelson) until his opponent passes out. What are the structures on which he is pressing, and what is the effect?

Carotids; peripheral vasodilation, decreased heart rate

Mr. I.M. Apig enters the hospital complaining of chest pain. His history includes smoking, a stress related job (college professor), a diet heavy in saturated fats, lack of exercise, and high blood pressure. Although he is not suffering from a heart attack, his doctor explains to him that a heart attack is quite possible. What did the chest pain indicate?


Hypertension is problematic because...

All of the above

Which of the following is likely during vigorous exercise?

All of the above