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Synthesis of a detective protein may result from an alteration in

a base sequence code

Which instrument would most appropriate to use to observe where the Malpighian tubules attach to the to the digestive system of a grasshopper?

dissecting microscope

The largest amount of DNA in a plant cell is contained in

a nucleus

Meiosis and fertilization are important for the survival of many species because these two processes result in

genetic variability of offspring

Which statement regarding the functioning of the cell membrane of all organisms is NOT correct?

The cell membrane forms a barrier that keeps all substances that might harm a cell from entering the cell

In most simple multicellular plants and in hydra, transport throughout the organism is a result of diffusion through

cell membrane

Which structure is best observed using a compound light microscope?

a cell

Diagrams, tables, and graphs are used by scientists mainly to

organize data

A solution of glucose and yeast was placed in a vacuum bottle as shown below. The temperature of the yeast-glucose solution increased over time, and the color of the indicator was recorded. The purpose of the investigation was most likely to demonstrate

the release of energy by the chemical process

A marble was placed in a graduated cylinder containing milliliters of water. The diagram below illustrates the new level of water. What is the volume of the marble?

42 mL

A slide of human blood cells was observed in focus under the low-power objective of a compound light microscope that had clean lenses. When the microscope was switched to high power, the image was dark and fuzzy. Which parts of the microscope should be used to correct this situation?

diaphragm and fine adjustment

A student formulated a hypothesis that cotton will grow larger bolls (pods) if magnesium is added to the soil. The student has two experimental fields of cotton, one with magnesium and one without. Which data should be collected to support this hypothesis?

Diameter of the cotton bolls in both fields

To separate leaf pigments, a biologist should use


Why do scientists consider hypothesis valuable?

A hypothesis may lead to further investigation even if it is disproved by the experiment

Studies of fat cells and thyroid cells show that fat cells have fewer mitochondria than thyroid cells. A biologist would most likely infer that fat tissue

requires less energy than thyroid tissue

A biologist reported success in breeding a tiger with a lion, producing healthy offspring. Other biologists will accept this report as fact only if

other researchers can replicate the experiment

Which piece of equipment would most likely be used to separate organelles from a mixture of crushed cells?


A student views a wet mount of a specimen with the low-power objective of a compound light microscope. After the student switches to high power, which procedure would most likely produce a better view of the specimen?

Increasing the amount of light by adjusting the diaphragm

When heating a solution in a test tube, a student should

wear goggles

The diagram below represents a thermometer that is inside of incubator. A student needs to incubate a bacterial culture at 43 degrees C. According to the reading on the thermometer, how many degrees must the temperature in the incubator be increased to reach this temperature?


In a cell, information that controls the production of proteins must pass from the nucleus to the


A new chemical was discovered and introduced into a culture containing one species of bacteria. Within a day, most of the bacteria were dead, but a few remained alive. Which statement best explains why some of the bacteria survived?

They had a genetic variation that gave them to resistance to the chemical.

Lichens are composed of two organisms, a fungus that cannot make its own food ad algae that contain chlorophyll. Which is the role of that algae component of a lichen in an ecosystem?


Which organisms would most likely be found at level A?


The use of bio-remediation by humans to treat industrial wastes is an example of

solving a problem by speeding up natural processes

An individual possess two identical genes for a certain trait. For this trait, the individual is said to be


Euglena, a single celled organism, is able to carry out

photosynthesis and cellular respiration

Two food chains are represented below:

Food chain A: aquatic plant-insect-frog-hawk

Food chain B: grass-rabbit-hawk

Decomposers are important for supplying energy for

neither food chain A nor food chain B

Worms that had been invaded by bacteria were eaten by a species of bird. Many of these birds died as a result. The most likely explanation for this is that the

bacteria interfered with normal life functions of the birds

Which statement describes a role of fungi in an ecosystem?

They recycle chemicals from dead organisms.

Microorganisms that require oxygen to survive are described as


A fungus is an example of

a saprophyte

For which organic compounds must information be encoded in DNA for green plants to synthesis the other three compounds?


Compared to human cells resulting from mitotic cell division, human cells resulting from meiotic cell division would have

one-half the number of chromosomes

Which activity most directly involves the process represented in the diagram below?

an animal repairing damaged tissue

As a human red blood cell matures, it loses its nucleus. As a result of this loss, a mature red blood cell lacks the ability to

carry out cell division

Hereditary information is stored inside the

nucleus, which has chromosomes that contain many genes

Which human disorder is characterized by a group of abnormal body cells that suddenly begin to undergo cell division at a very rapid rate?


Which process normally occurs during meiosis, but not during mitosis?

synapsis of chromosomes

In 1994, a new tomato variety that ripens slowly was developed by a laboratory technique that did not involve methods of natural reproduction. This new variety contains a section of a DNA molecule not found in the tomato from which it was originally developed. Which technique was most likely used to develop this new variety of tomato?

genetic engineering

Some deep-sea bacteria live near submerged volcanoes and make their own food using energy derived from minerals coming from the volcanoes. These bacteria would be classified as


Acacia trees provide food for a species of ant that lives on them. The ants defend the acacia tree from grasshoppers and beetles. This relationship between the ant and the acacia tree is best described as


In a human female, what is the most direct result of the presence of the hormone FSH?

development of the ovarian follicle?

Which term refers to the behavior of two species attempting to use the same living space, food source, and water source?


Because turkey vultures feed mainly on animals that they have not killed, they are known as


A cross between two mice with long tails and brown fur produced the four types of offspring listed below:

long tailed with brown fur-long tailed with white fur

short tailed with brown fur-short trailed with white fur

which best explains the results of this cross?

independent assortment

An ecosystem will most likely remain stable if

it has a high level of biodiversity

Bacteria that can survive without oxygen are described as


Which organism lacks a specialized transport system?


Which is a characteristics of a mollusk?

unsegmented body

The brown summer feathers of ptarmigans, small Artic birds, are replaced by white feathers after winter arrives. Which statement next explains this observation?

The expression of genes can be modified by the environment.

Extinction of species could result from

limited genetic variability in the species

Which action illustrates an increased understanding and concern by humans for ecological interrelationships?

implementing laws to regulate the number of animals hunted and killed each year

An animal maintains its fluid balance by regulating the gain and loss of water. This maintenance is an example of


A change that initiates an electrochemical message along a neuron is

a stimulus

A characteristic of fertilization in most terrestrial vertebrates is the

fusion of gametes in moist internal environment

A large population of wildcats is broken up into several small groups as a result of geographic isolation. Over a long period of time, these groups will most likely become

reproductively isolated

In which process is the pairing of homologous chromosomes followed by the disjunction of these chromosome pairs?


In sexually reproducing species, the number of chromosomes in each body cell remains the same from one generation to the next as a direct result of

meiosis and fertilization

When one of two traits can be inherited without the other, the genes for these traits are said to be


The great variety of possible gene combinations in a sexually reproducing species is due in part to the

sorting of genes as a result of meiosis

Genes are inherited, but their expressions can be modified by the environment. This statement explains why

some animals have dark fur only when the temperature is within a certain range

The gene frequencies in a population would most likely change due to


The code of a gene is delivered to the enzyme-producing region of a cell by a

messenger RNA molecule

In some individuals, G-A-G, the codon for glutamic acid, is changed to G-U-G, the codon for valine. This error causes misshapen red blood cells. This genetic disorder is known as

sickle-cell anemia

When DNA separates into two strands, the DNA would most likely be directly involved in


The types of enzymes produced in a cell are regulated by the

order of nucleotides in DNA molecules

The destruction of all ATP molecules in a cell would interfere most immediately with the process of

active transport

In which cell structure is the largest amount of ATP formed?


One difference between plant and animal cells is that animal cells do not have


Which activity is a function of all living cells?


Uncontrolled cell division is a characteristic of


The ability of cells to pass on their characteristics to new cells is most directly related to the ability of

chromosomes to replicate

Living organisms must be able to obtain materials, change the materials into new forms, remove poisons, and move needed material from one place to another. Many of these activities directly require

energy released from ATP

Enzyme molecules normally interact with substrate molecules. Some medicines work by blocking enzyme activity in pathogens. These medicines are effective because they

have a shape that fits into the enzyme

The movements indicated by all arrows are directly involved in

the maintenance of homeostasis

What pair of organisms represents a predator-prey relationship?

owl and mouse

Biologically similar organisms have similar DNA and proteins. This statement supports the concept of

organic evolution

Embryos of fish, chickens, and pigs have gill slits and a tail. The presence of these features suggests that

these animals may have had a common ancestor

To communicate between cells, many multicellular animals use

nerve signals and hormones

Sheep and pigs have more enzymes in common than sheep and frogs do. This finding may indicate that

sheep are most closely related to pigs than to frogs

In flowering plants, the ripened ovary develops into a


A characteristic of mutations is that they usually

result in different genetic sequences

In a particular variety of corn, the kernels turn red when exposed to sunlight. In the absence of sunlight, the kernels remain yellow. Based on this information, it can be concluded that the color of these corn kernels is due to

the effect of environment on gene expression

What determines the kind of genes an organisms possesses?

sequence of the subunits A, T. C, and G in the DNA of the organism

If a set of instructions that determines all of the characteristics of an organism is compared to a book, and a chromosome is compared to a chapter in the book, then what might be compared to a paragraph in the book?

a DNA molecule

In a portion of a gene, the nitrogenous base sequence is T-C-G-A-A-T. Which nitrogenous base sequence would normally be found bonded to this section of the gene?


If an adenine nucleotide is deleted from a nucleotide sequence in a DNA molecule, the result is a


A DNA molecule is composed of

carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and phosphorus

The shape, size and internal structure of the mitochrondrion have been revealed by

electron-microscope studies

Lipase, maltase, and protease are memebers of a group of catalysts known as


An unstained wet mount of epidermal cells show few details. Which substance could be added to the slide to make the details more visible?

methylene blue

The process of active transport requires the most direct use of


Enzyme molecules are produced by a life function known as


Which organisms is considered an exception to the cell theory because it has a noncellular structure?

an organ

Which structure is most directly responsible for maintaining homeostasis in all cells?

cell membrane

The nucleus of an amoeba is removed with the use of microdissection equipment. The organism will then no longer be able to carry on the process of


When 100 white corn seedlings were placed near a light source, 76 turned green within 48 hours. Which statement best explains why some of the plants turned green?

The environment affects expression of inherited traits.

Differences between the members of a population will most likely be passed to future generations if they are

due to genetic changes and result in favorable variations

A gene pool consists of

all the heritable genes for traits in a population

In a process known as ______, an arthropod will shed its exoskeleton and grw a new, larger exoskeleton that will fit the growing organism.


Which group are not arthropods?

sea stars

How many pairs of appendages do crustaceans use for chewing?


_____ is a process in which an organism's body changes dramatically during its overall life cycle.


Many diabetics are now using insulin that was made by certain bacteria. The ability of these bacteria to produce insulin was most likely the result of

inserting a portion of human DNA into the ring-shaped DNA of bacteria.

Cloning an individual usually produces organisms that

contain identical genes

Pollen formation in a flowering plant takes place in


Which gas is excreted as a waste product of autotrophic nutrition in maple trees?


Many species of plants interact with harmless underground fungi. The fungi enable the plans to absorb certain essential minerals and the plants provide the fungi with carbohydrates and other nutrients. This describes an interaction between a

producer and a consumer

Which is a characteristic of an animal?


Which animal is capable of reproducing asexually?


Vascular tissue that transports water in leaves connects directly to

xylem in the stem