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The scientific study of the interactions between organisms and the environment


The long-term prevailing weather conditions in a given area.


The global ecosystem

Global Ecology

The study of regional energy & material exchanges and their influence on the function and distribution of organisms across the biosphere.


A mosaic of connected Ecosystems.

Landscape Ecology

The study of the factors that control the exchange of of materials, energy, & organisms across multiple ecosystems.


A community of organisms and the physical factors they interact with in a given area.

Ecosystem Ecology

The study of energy flow and chemical cycling between organisms and the environment.


A group of populations of different species in an area.

Population Ecology

The study of factors that affect population size & how and why it changes over time.

Organismal Ecology

The study of how an organism's structure, physiology, & behavior meet the challenges posed by its environment.

Includes physiological, evolutionary, and behavior ecology.

Community Ecology

The study of interactions between species like predation and competition, and how these interactions affect community structure and organization.


A group of individuals of the same species living in an area.