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How many views can there be on an orthographic projection?


How many views are used to show most objects in an aircraft drawing?


What information is given in the title block of an aircraft drawing?

The name and address of the company who made the part, the name of the part, the scale of the drawing, the name of the draftsman, the name of the engineer approving the part, and the number of the part (drawing number).

Where is the title block normally located on an aircraft drawing?

In the lower right-hand corner of the drawing.

How can you know that the aircraft drawing you are using is the most current version of the drawing?

By the number in the revision block, and by the log of the most recent drawings.

What is a fuselage station number?

The distance in inches from the datum, measured along the longitudinal axis of the fuselage.

What is the butt line?

A reference line to the right or left of the center line of the aircraft.

What is a detail drawing?

A drawing that includes all the information needed to fabricate the part.

What is an assembly drawing?

A drawing that shows all the components of a part in an exploded form.

What is an installation drawing?

A drawing that shows the location of the parts and assemblies on the complete aircraft.

What type of drawing is most helpful in troubleshooting a system?

A schematic diagram.

What is a block diagram?

A drawing that shows the various functions of a system by a series of blocks. These blocks do not include any detail, but instead indicates what happens in each block.

How are dimensions shown on an aircraft drawing?

By numbers shown in the break of the dimension line.

What is the purpose of a sketch of a repair?

It shows a specific bit of information and includes the minimum amount of detail needed to manufacture the part.

What are the four steps in making a sketch?

Block in the shape and basic shape used for the sketch.

Add details to the basic block.

Darken lines that are shown up as visible lines in the finished sketch.

Add dimensions and any other information that will make the sketch more usable.

What is the purpose of a center line on an aircraft drawing?

It divides a part into symmetrical halves.