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What are bones a reservoir for?
Calcium and Phosphate
The exceptional hardness of bone, which allows it to resist compression, is due to the presence of what?
mineral salts called hydroxyapatites
By which process are the cranial bones formed?
intramembranous ossification
what indicates that a long bone has reached its adult length?
Closure of the epiphyseal plate
What are the cartilage models used to form bones composed of?
hyaline cartilage
What is the full order of fracture repair? (4 steps)
1) A hematoma forms
2) Fibrocartilaginous callus forms
3) Bony callus forms
4) Bone remodeling occurs
What is Paget's Disease associated with?
excessive and haphazard bone deposition and resorption
What can hypercalcemia be caused by?
hypersecretion of parathyroid hormone