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On what date was AOII established
And where?
AOII was founded on January 2, 1897 at Barnard College of Columbia University
Where is International Headquarters located?
Brentwood, TN
Name the Founder who graduated first in her class from New York University Law School and was the framer of AOII’s Constitution and Bylaws.
Helen St. Clair Mullan
Name the founder who was a crusader for peace and human conditions, started the War Resister League, and is the only Founder to have earned a Ph.D. and have her own Wikipedia page.
Jessie Wallace Hughan-
Name the founder who was an AOII National President during the Depression years, and was the first International President as she pioneered expansion into Canada.
Elizabeth Haywood Wyman-
Name the founder that was an author of 17 books, owned an advertising agency, and was first National President and served as AOII Historian for life.
Stella George Stern Perry-
Name the award given to the best collegiate chapter in our Fraternity.
The JWH Cup
What membership program allows alumnae & collegians the opportunity to stay connected to AOII while enjoying exclusive member benefits?
LifeLoyal AOII
AOII’s Ritual has been changed significantly several times over the years.
“The object of this Fraternity shall be to encourage a spirit of ___ & ___ among its members; to stand at all times for ___, ___, ___, & ___ ___; to strive for & support the best ___ of the colleges & universities in which chapters are installed; and in no way disregard, injure or sacrifice those interests for the sake of prestige or ___ of the fraternity or any of its ___.”
Fraternity and Love, character, dignity, scholarship, and college loyalty, fraternity
All members recite all of the Wardens’ speeches during all Rituals other than the Ritual for Initiation.
It is acceptable to wear any style shoes to ritual as long as they are the same color as everyone else’s shoes.
You are allowed to wear any type jewelry during Ritual that dresses up the plainness of the robe.
Only the Chapter President walks alone during the Processional/ Recessional.
The guidelines for appropriate attire for ritual are found in the AOII Governing Documents, Book of Policies.
Name the Fraternity jewel
Name AOII’s online reporting system that was the first in the Greek community.
What is the English translation for To Dragma - AOII’s fraternity magazine.
The sheaf
What does the Fraternity color symbolize?
cardinal red, It symbolizes the fundamental, basic principle that which everything else depends or hinges.
Why is AOII the only women’s fraternity to not use a crest?
AOII does not use a crest because our founders felt that beauty and simplicity of our badge possesses enough significance to stand alone. Also, crests are medieval and AOII is founded on Greek ideals.
Alpha Omicron Pi to obey all laws regarding controlled substances.”

-Moral and Ethical Behavior?
Provide chapters with the knowledge and support necessary to make responsible decisions regarding alcohol consumption.”

-Big Brother/Little Sister?
We want to encourage behavior that is respectable and is an enduring source of pride to you and to us.”

-Moral & Ethical Behavior?
-Out of town parties?
Moral and Ethical
Along with members from other Greek Organizations, AOII members must adhere to the Risk Management policies of our Fraternity.

-Big Brother/Little Sister?
Is not in conformity with the Rituals of AOII nor does it project an image of sisterhood and fraternal love.

-Big Brother/Little Sister?
A member can be placed on International Probation for not achieving a 2.0 on a 4.0 scale for 2 consecutive terms.

Members have a responsibility to pay all of their dues.

When housing is provided, all collegiate members are required to live in until the housing is full, when it is not contrary to college or university rules.

-Moral & Ethnical Behavior?
Licensed, professional drivers must be employed for transport beyond 20 miles.

-Out of Town Parties?
OUt of town parties
It is Alpha Omicron Pi’s policy that these organizations detract from the purpose and legitimate programs of Greek organizations. No groups of this sort may be formed.

-Big Brother/Little Sister?
Big brother / little sister
True or False:

Collegiate chapters may not co-sponsor or co-finance a function where alcohol is purchased?
True or False:

The alcohol policy applies to parents of guests when on AOII property?
True or False?

Scavenger hunts are permitted within the confines of campus?
True or False?

Members may require new members to wait until after Initiation to wear AOII letters.
True or False?

Requiring New Members to memorize composites is a good method for them to learn the names of chapter members?
Name AOII’s International Philanthropy
Name the fund which helps sisters in need- it is also known as the “heart of AOII.”
ruby fund
Name the source for financial support of education & leadership programs such as Leadership Academy, Alcohol 101, & speakers for International Convention.
annual fund
Name the scholarships you can apply for that are awarded each year to qualified undergraduate and graduate students and alumnae.
Diamond Jubilee Scholarships
Name the Foundation’s signature fundraising activity for collegiate and alumnae chapters.
Strike Out Arthritis
Who is International President and what are the initials?
Allison Allgier, IP
Who elects the XB?
International Council
Name one of the 7 VPs
Susan Danko
Karen Galehan
Kandyce Harber
Barb Zipperian
Rebecca Herman
Krista Whipple
Gayle Fitzpatrick
Who is your ADCS and what does ADCS stand for?
Blair Dudley , assistant director of chapter services
Who is your ND and what does ND stand for?
Kim Mccmollom, Network Director
Group of women at a college/university dedicated to furthering Alpha’s interests.
Committee of elected officers who serve the chapter.
Advisers who work together to support the chapter.
AAC - Alumnae Advisory Committee
Guides the collegiate chapter & advisers in specific areas of Alumnae, Leadership, Finance, Recruitment.
NS Network Structure
President of Alumnae Chapter
AP Alumnae President
Fraternity officers who formulate policy & oversee development of the Fraternity.
XB Executive Board
What is AOII’s Mission Statement?
“Women enriched through lifelong friendship”
Name the alumnae chapter closest to your collegiate chapter and closest to your hometown

What are a few surrounding alumnae chapters?
Hammond Area Alumnae Chapter
(Baton Rouge Alumnae Chapter, New Orleans Alumnae Chapter, Hammond Alumnae Chapter)
Previously served as an International President.
An AOII HQ staff member who visit chapter to offer leadership training & operational guidance.
Organization of 26 sororities that work together to further the Greek System.
A manual describing collegiate officer responsibility.
Committee of advisers that serve the chapter.
Only elected advisor at the chapter level
8 women elected by the Fraternity to oversee operations & development.
Network Director who partners with Assistant Director of Chapter Services in supporting chapters.
Assistant Director of Chapter Services who partners with Network Director in supporting chapters.