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What are the typical antipsychotics
What receptors do the typical antipsychotics work on
ALL block D2...But Typicals especially D2..
Chlorpromazine alpha 1=D2
Haloperidon D2>D1
What are the atypical antipsychotics
WHat receptors do the Atypical antipsychotics work on?
5HT2 and D4 receptors they help allievate the NEGATIVE symptoms of psychoses
What Typical causes Nueroleptic Malignant Syndrome
Which Typical gives u <3 Tox. MAy cause Torsades
Zisperidone DOES TOO (ATYPICAl)
What is a major side effect of Clozapine?
Agranulocytosis and wirght gain
What Atypical is a partial agonist of D2 receptor and blocks the 5HT2 receptor
What role does the MESOLIMBIC PATHWay play.
Dopamine travels from the MIDbrain tegmental---> Nucleus Accumbens..this may cause delusions, Hallucinations and + symptoms of schizo
What role does the mesocortical pathway play?
Goes from Midbrain 2 PREfromntal lobe cortex causes Apathy, wothdrawl, lack of motivation
What role does the nigrostriatal pathway play?
Goes from the substancia nigra to the striatum... INHBITION of the NIGROSTRIATAL pathway--> Extrapyramidal SYmptoms
What role does the tubuloinfundibular pathway play?
It goes from the hypothalmus to the pituitary..Inhbits the release of Prolactin
What is Tardative dyskinesia
It is ORO-Facial Dyskinesia With widespread choreoathectosis or dystonia
Caused by Up Reg Striatal D2..months - years of Tx.
What is Acute Dystonia
Spasm of tongue., face, neck muscles 1-5 days use Anti-musc.agents
What is Nueroleptic Malignant Syndrome
Catatonia, Stupor, Unstbale BP, Myoglobinemia
TX: Dantrolene
What is Akathisia
It is Motor restlessness
5-50 days
Duhyraphrenamine, benzo's or propanolol may help
What can be used for nausea or vomiting
Prochlorperazine- compazine
What is used for tourette's
Haloperidol or pimozide